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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Topics for this Newsletter:-

One of the ways that you can make money online without your own products, own inventory, or extra costs, is to join Affiliate Programs where you can resell other people’s products and earn a commission on the sales.

How to choose which affiliate programs to join?
1. Free to join
- Best choice is if you can join the affiliate program, as an affiliate without any payment / fees. Some programs might only accept customers as their own affiliates.

2. Decide whether that is a hot-selling product / service
- No point if you keep on promoting products / service range that is unattractive, or with low demands.
- you will be able to earn more commissions, when there product itself, is already hot-selling

3. Commission levels
- How much are you paid, and are you compensated on affiliates recruited as well?
- Search for affiliate programs that offer at least a 2 tier program, meaning you will earn commission, and also get compensated based on the sales commission of those affiliates you have referred as well

4. Reliability of the website / company & affiliate program tracking
- Check how the affiliate program is run, and the background of the company
- Preferred choice is when those websites’ affiliate programs have joined 3 rd party affiliate network where you are directly paid by those affiliate network and sales are tracked using independent reliable sales tracking program
- Moreover, by just having one id and password, you will be able to resell / act as affiliate for many different merchants (which you can select after logging in)

Launch of eOneNet’s brand new affiliate program

  • You can now resell any of eOneNet’s products and services, and earn a 15% commission on all your sales. Plus it’s a 2-tier program where you can also get income when the visitors you referred, also join the program, and successfully achieve sales.
  • We have joined one of the Internet’s most popular affiliate network with over 4,500 merchants – Clix Galore, to ensure the authenticity of sales reporting and online real-time statistics.
  • Check out the details at

eOneNet June Seminar Highlights
For entrepreneurs, and business owners wishing to increase their online income, do check out the eOneNet 3 hour internet seminars.

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If you need our assistance, kindly contact our global offices at

Fione Tan
President & CEO

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