Personalised vehicle plates are one of the most popular topics for these recent weeks in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

While on my flight to Hong Kong yesterday, i read the article about the latest bidding craze for car plate numbers in Hong Kong. The highest bid was for the car plate of 1 Love U for HK$1.4 million! Yes, that’s close to US$180,000 for the vehicle license plate number.

Here are the top 10 lists of expensive car plates sold in Hong Kong:-

1. 1 Love U – HK$1.4 million
2. TVB – HK$800,000 – no this was not purchased by the HK popular tv station of TVB, so it’ll be suprising to find ATV (competitor to TVB) advertising on a vehicle that show TVB car registration plate later on…. who knows?
3. Porsche – HK$700,000
4. CCUE – HK$460,000 – in Chinese it means “xi xi yue yi”, something like always be in luck.
5. Cool – HK$450,000
6. GP – HK$410,000
7. Beatles – HK$370,000
8. K1ng – HK$300,000
9. Johnny – US$260,000
10. RT and Aaron – both bids closed at HK$250,000 each – Aaron of course being purchased by the popular HK singer Aaron Kwok

Having personalised car plates can be similar to your website domain names, but with your .com, there’s only 1 in the whole wide world! So, what if your ideal car plate number is taken? Then you can always try using “name” 1 or “name” 8 as well.

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