Roti Canai with banana sells for RM1.5 in Malaysia. The same roti canai sells for HK$28 (RM14) in Hong Kong, which is about 10 times more expensive! And it’s selling like hot cakes! I’ve shot a video showing this smart dressing roti canai man showing off his skills. Watch it here.

I was at Harbour City shopping mall yesterday and saw this display of roti canai making skills at one of the food outlets. Check out the handsome roti canai man video here at

Typically in Malaysia & Singapore, the roti canai / pratha is a street food, whereby you can get this Indian snack 24 hours a day, in most of the outlets. The roti canai is about RM1 (kosong meaning plain / empty), while in Singapore it’s about S$1.50. However in the past 2 or 3 years, it’s even available in Hong Kong & China now. In Shanghai, they call it the Indian UFO ( or Indian flying saucer ) and it was about RMB20 (with strawberries).

This one in Hong Kong became so successful that it turned into a food chain (mostly in food courts) and it’s called Curry in a Hurry. The store name is easy to remember and rhymes well, so you would surely have their name stuck in your mind. In order to attract prospects to try out this dish, they have a smarly dressed chef perform the skills of making roti pratha and lots of people would stop to take videos (just like me). Price in Hong Kong is HK$28 with banana, but the size is double the regular roti canai we get in Malaysia or Singapore.

I tried out their banana roti pratha (yes, sweet dessert with fresh bananas) and it looked very similar to what i can get back home in Malaysia. However, the taste wise, i’ll say that the regular ones in Malaysia & Singapore streeets taste better. This is definitely part of our culture there where we would drive say 30 minutes to a designated tea stall (mamak stall) and meet up with friends. In KL, i’ve done this many times and drove to Steven’s Corner in Old Klang Road area. While in Singapore, i like the Indian curry store at the junction of Bencoolen Street & Middle Road (just 3 minutes walk from my eOneNet – internet marketing Singapore office)

You can even get frozen roti canai at supermarkets such as City Super & Wellcome in Hong Kong. Costs about HK$30 (in Malaysia it’s about RM4). To try fresh roti pratha, head to the City Super food malls, or Langham Place Mongkok shopping mall where you can find Curry in a Hurry. The funny thing though, you can’t really eat this if you are rushing as they have to make your bread after you order… so maybe it’ll be more like Curry if you’re not in a Hurry.

This is an excellent example of how to sell products more expensively, by a combination of packaging, branding, and showmanship.

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