Posted by Fione Tan, search engine optimization coach

One of the most common online marketing strategy is Search engine optimization (USA spelling) / Search engine optimisation (British spelling). SEO includes how to get free top rankings in search engines, especially the Top 10 positions in the popular search engines & directories like Google, Yahoo & MSN. This form of internet marketing is also called Search Engine Marketing.

In our upcoming posts, we will discuss the popular terms related to SEO and by going through these SEO glossary, you will have a better understanding when dicusssing with your web design team. Here are some glossary about SEO terms, starting for alphabet A, with just 4 simple SEO terms in each blog post.  

1. Absolute Link

– this type of URL display lists out the specific file location as in which domain name is it at, which directory is it located in and the name of that file

– for example <a href=”” mce_href=””> eOneNet search engine promotion marketing </a>

The other type of link is called the Relative link, where only the file name is shown, such as the sample <a href=”search_engine_promotion.htm” mce_href=”search_engine_promotion.htm”> eOneNet search engine promotion marketing </a>

In the relative link, the http and domain name is not shown

2. Accessibility

– the practise of making the website more easy to be used by disabled people, especially blind people. Note that in some sites which request you to type in the password or secret code as shown in the screen, now also has a function for the computer to read out the code to you?

3. Adsense

– Google adsense program where website owners (also known as publishers) can join this Google program to display relevant advertisements in their website or blog content pages and earn money.

– Adsense ad formats can be in the form of text, graphic, and videos. As an Adsense publisher, you will earn a portion of the advertising costs of the CPC (cost per click) paid by those advertisers to Google.

– you can also make use of the Google adsense search box to act as your own website search function

 4. Adwords

– Google adwords is where you become the advertisers and purchase your desired keywords on CPC (cost per click basis). You will need to prepare your text advertisement in the Adwords system and determine your maximum cost per click and daily budget. Your ad will be shown when a user performs the search for this keyword in Google.

For instance, if your maximum cost per click is US$1 and your daily budget is US$10. If the current bidding price that the average Adwords advertiser is paying is US$0.50, you will get about 20 visitors per day. Apart from your bidding price, the CTR (click through rate) will also affect your ad position in Google.

This means if you are paying US$1 and getting 10 clicks per day, but your competitor is paying US$0.50 but getting 30 clicks per day, in the end Google will be making US$15 from your competitor but only US$10 from your ad. Therefore, your competitors ad will appear higher compared to your ad in Google. 

We’ll be sharing more search engine terms and seo glossary in the coming posts. Do feel free to leave your comments for this blog posting.

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