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Top Internet Marketing Coach, Fione TanTop Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan

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Internet Marketing Coach Reveals – How To Guarantee You Can Make Money Online

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach

A commonly asked question by would-be Internet newbies before they can decide to join eOneNet’s Internet Marketing Coaching program is : What is the success rate?

Another one is : Can you guarantee I can make money?

For those who have attended the program, they know we have revealed how to research for a hot target market / topic, and then how to use 5 or 6 different ways to make money from this, whether selling products, services, ebooks or other stuffs.

Let me put it this way, if they apply what they learned and do their homework, it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to make money online. How much they make individually depends on what they sell or do, and the effort they put in, which may range from a few hundreds dollars to even more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS (as some of eOneNet’s students from Malaysia and Hong Kong have achieved).

Let’s also hear what some of the participants in the Malaysia Internet Marketing Coaching have learned in this weekend in KL.


Sulistiana Mediati, Medical Practitioner

Melissa Lee, owner of a hotel and travel agency

Yong Kok Cheng, senior Motivation Trainer

Mohd. Azharuddin Osman, Captain

Heah Sook Mee, Suumey, Johor Bahru


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31 Responses to “Internet Marketing Coach Reveals – How To Guarantee You Can Make Money Online”

  1. HAMIZA Says:

    hi, why there is no video for CY?

  2. HAMIZA Says:

    Thank you, now i’m confident to start my own internet business. I am a web designer, before this what i know is only web designing, and it take me 2 years to do my own internet marketing (i thhought whant to do it for FREE)…but i failed. a lot of books i have read but still nothing. for 2 years i’ve been following eonenet, trying to find the right coach untul i e-mail to harrace, whether can he guarantee i will get my money back within 3 months time, and NOW i am glad that i was in this class. i am very confident that i can make it with fione and harrace and eonenet support for this 3 months time.

  3. Por Kai Chin Says:

    This online marketing course is an eye oper for me. I have learned alot from this course and be more confident to make money online. Many ideas have been generated and will put in actions. Great jobs!

  4. TauChuien tan Says:

    Before I Joined, I cannot earn single cents throughout my testing here and there even i bought some e-book so called” millionaire e-book”.

    After I attended this class, it really give me alot of ideas on how to sell online. They even tell us on steps by steps how to setup the internet. Besides, we also gain some confident on how to make money online in various way or methods.

    Actually before i attend this internet coaching, one of my friend has ask me to help him to make his webpage into top ranking.

    This internet coaching really benefit alot in future life.

    I would like to thanks to eOnenet staffs and participants.

  5. Andy Yong Says:

    These is a 2 comprehensive hands-on and practical workshop that is complete with step by step tools. As a low IT savvy with time constraint person, I find this workshop definately helping me building my own business running online.

  6. Joyce Tai Says:

    i have no regrets on the amount of money which i paid to attend the seminar (it is really a lot of money for me:). i was so amaze with Fione and Harrace’s experience on the internet marketing. it is really worth to attend the seminar.

  7. Chong Shui Yun Says:

    After waiting for few months, I finally experience this internet marketing coach! It’s actually one of the course I been looking for these years. and yes, I have got some guidance after these 2 days.

    Of course, the next thing is the Big Step for me to START MANAGE my ONLINE BUSINESS! (To be frank… it was my dream to earn online and get my finance freedom since I was very very very young…:P)

    Due to busy schedule, I still have worries of “doing homework”….But, .. what to do?? no other ways… I must follow our coaching program for the next 3 months… support me please…let my “dream” comes true…^_^

  8. Tan Wei Lee Says:

    After attending this coaching program, I have full of decision making to deal through the internet marketing and also I know much better how to do searching for the particular websites

  9. sally Says:

    it is an interesting learning course. i finally realize internet marketing can do so many kinds of business, but not necessary everyone can do it. i learnt from e1net before i go into internet business we must do a proper search to find out the supply/demand market in internet. the bonus i learnt from the courses was, in fact we can also learnt how to make online money from the internet thru affiliate marketing which before that i always think that it is a scam and not practical at all, but e1net really convinced me. tks e1net

  10. Hui Choon Hoong Says:

    This coaching program is a eye-opener for me to do the internet bizs.
    There are many ways to do the bizs.

  11. Tan Wei Lee Says:

    In fact I am not very familiar with browsing internet after attending this course i know more about how to do search on internet

  12. Norazlina Mohd Yasin Says:

    I do aware that internet has d big potential for a business.Having a real ecommerce business is just like dream for me all this time .Once i knew about this internet marketing coach Program and after review their consistent
    succes, I immediately took this opportunity. After attending this coach, i knew that i never been wrong with my decision making and very glad to be another
    of their “upcoming success” student in Malaysia

  13. Joseph Chia Says:

    Before attending this course :

    -I don’t know what to sell on the internet
    -I think that eOneNet has changed me a very high price on this course”Am i
    making the right decision” this question keep oppening in mind.

    After attending this course :

    -I still dont know what to sell.But i have a clearer way 1 direction to go
    1)Research in the net
    2)Create my Website

    I am confident that i can recover my investment cost within a short period of time if i do the homework.

  14. Mohd AzharuddinOsman Says:

    A very Good session. An eye opener for me.This coaching session has provided me with opportunities to explore the internet to my benefit And at the same time earn some money.i would recommend
    this to anyone keen to have a Msi and use his /her spare time effectively.
    Thank you Fione and Harrace !!.

  15. Heah sook mee,summey Says:

    Thanks for these two days coaching!
    it’s neally a comprehensive and pratical course.
    I have learn many useful tools that enable me to start up my own internet
    business.Fione and harrace,thanks for open my eyes and teach me how to earn more $!
    p/s : if u’re still considering want to join this course or not?
    come and join , u won’t regret.

  16. Por kai chin Says:

    This online marketing coaching course is an eye opener
    for me .I have learned a lot from this course and be more confident to make money online .Many ideas have been generated and i”ll put these ideas into actions.Great Jobs !

  17. Lee Che yan Says:

    This is my second time to attend e1net coaching .I very embarrased actually. it is because i learnt already.I played using internet.more than 12 hours per day. i swear I want to complete my own website in this month.

  18. Nyan Muh yee,Tammie Says:

    This two day course,i have learn,but i pick up slow ,i need to revision again
    the coaching ,see the tape again , i will try my best use my laptop how to operate my business

  19. Mohd Azhar Ismail Says:

    I do not know anything about the internet.Everthing that learn
    is all new knowledge.My problem now is to understand and remember
    everthing that have been taught.

  20. Hamiza sukor Says:

    i have failed doing internet business for the past 2 years.I thought want to do it for free.But after attending this class, what i’ve done previously is 70% wrong. I’m glad i ‘ve decided i was in this class.

  21. Leong kok wah stephen Says:

    I have learned a lot of methods that how to make money via internet. I will
    follow the steps and hope to each my expectation within 3 months

  22. Tai lee Min,Joyce Says:

    I was actually sceptical with internet marketing seminar before i join this 2 days eonenet seminar.The total of money which i need to pay is “huge”for me .But after attended the seminar ,i have no regrets with the amount of money which i had paid . i was so amazed with fione and harrace experience on internet marketing.Now I believed online marketing can really make money
    Thank you eonenet.

  23. Saadon sarijan Says:

    I have attended other seminar,but this more contents being presented plus i get 3 month coaching to start my internet marketing business.

  24. Leong Ee Ping,Violet Says:

    Its are eye opener for me .it would definitely help me is my business future.Thanks

  25. Yong kok Cheng ,Andy Says:

    This is a comprehensive hands-on and pratical workshop that is complete
    with step by step tools.As a low IT-savvy, with time constraint person ,i find this
    workshop definitely helping me building my own business running online

  26. Tan Tan Chuien Says:

    Before i joined ,i cannot earn single carry throughout my testy
    here and there even i bought same e-book so called”millionaire e-book”
    after i attended this class,it really give one a lot of information.
    I would like to thanks all staff and participial

  27. lee bee Chuan,melissa Says:

    One of the best training seminar (marketing coach) here even attended..
    the contents of the coaching is comprehensive the coach/trainers are excellent and weele prepared.Before attending the coaching .i have zero
    visitor to my hotel website and hope to apply all learn and to drive traffic to my website to target real sales.thanks

  28. Sulistiana mediati Says:

    The program at internet marketing coaching is eye opener for me..that at least i know little bet of marketing the internet.Now i can plan things out
    a fault what i want is my life.Nevertheless its’s so join pack.i feel not enough time,for me to absorb.Especially is my laptop,keep on off time ,it make my learning experience became less joyful lucky i have chance to ask questions
    ..I ask question letter..thank you very much..

  29. Yeok Lee Gaik,sally Says:

    Before i attending the program,my friend told me you are wasting your time.they just try to make extara money from you ..but i think the money i spent in this progam will be very useful to me and i am looking forward to start my internet business ASAP ,i finally found a good internet marketing sure and hopefully can the business succesfully

  30. Jessica Says:

    We are waiting the first million come… Let the dream come true! Fire the boss! ~~~ Will it real??

  31. cylee Says:

    hi, everyone….i feel “lonely” when i online, i seldom see all of you online msn, yahoo messenger or skype…

    pls visit my new blog, created by 18/6/2008, it is No.1 in Google, Yahoo, Baidu and Alta Vista..

    Futures Trading Tips Malaysia

    Next week, i will put new video in my blog…bye…

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