Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach

Fione and I are back to Singapore this weekend, conducting One Day Web 2.0 for Internet Millionaires.

One of the participants asked whether we would guarantee all participants to make one million dollar after attending our Internet marketing coaching course.

The recent Financial crisis shows the guarantee is only as good as the standing of the guarantor. Even the guarantee of investment of certain financial instruments has become worthless due to the failure of the financial institution guarantor.

It’s a matter of fact that we have groomed many students to start making real money online, and some of them have become Internet millionaires from scratch. However, there are still some who didn’t take any action after the course, or no persistent action, and as a result, there is no result!

For those students who have applied what they learned and are taking persistent action following our coaching, there is no reason that they can’t make a decent income, as each one should be capable to create different income sources from one single website / blog e.g  by selling products, services, information, software, ebooks, advertising etc.

Moreover, like many of our students, you can create different websites / blogs doing different things. If you do the calculation, you can see the income power.

e.g Let’s say one income source is a meagre $500 which is fairly achievable for a newbie. So for 4 income sources for one website / blog : $500 per income source x 4 = $2,000

If you create one website / blog every two months, so after one year, you will have at least 6 websites / blogs. So assuming your income stays the same, your income after one year can be: $2,000 x 6 = $12,000 / month!

The best part is, the currency (whether US$, RM, S$, or HK$) is up to you!

So do you still need a guarantee?

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