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作者: Harrace, 資深網絡營銷教練

香港網上創業課程 (HK909) 這個周末又在香港開課啦!

這一部分我們主要是教授如何利用不同的網絡營銷方式,增加網站訪客量。最重要的技巧是如何在免費在搜尋引擎排名No.1 。其實學好這個技巧是不難的,只要學了竅門,什么關鍵字也可以排得高。

除了Google 及Yahoo 外,我們也分享如何使用中國的搜尋引擎,及如何使用這些工具調查市場的需求。

其他必學的網絡營銷技巧 還有電郵行銷 (但要注意需符合法律), 公關行銷,博客營銷,Facebook, Youtube等。

在第一部分上課時,我們舉行一個 eBook 比賽,頭三名發給我的eBook可以獲得其他同學買他們的eBook及 eOneNet 的 現金資助。在這個周末,真的有三位同學完成她們的 eBook, 分別是 May Ho, Anna Yuen 及 Meyan Yeung。


eOneNet 提供其中一個成功學生的網站,每月能賺幾千美元,看完這個例子后,網上賺錢真的非常容易,只要你有心去做,及依照我們的成功方程式去做,成為網上百萬富豪并不是夢!

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26 Responses to “網上創業真能在網上賺錢嗎?”

  1. Anna Says:


    It is so efficient that you make the posting so efficiently. Thanks for the great work.


  2. Violetta Tang Says:

    The course is really informative and useful. It could help me to start up the e-business with more effective way.

  3. rlam Says:

    It is good to explore my experience on email marketing!

  4. Jose Fung Says:

    That’s the most efficient coach I ever take, you’re press a 10 days course
    into 4, but it’s work!

  5. Ivy Cheung Says:


  6. janette Says:

    How can i link to you? Need to make more money online.

  7. kwokhoiyeung Says:


  8. Jacky Says:

    I’ve learned lot of knowledge how to made money online, It was a very useful course.

  9. Ivy Chan Says:

    I am one of the student in the seminar. Very enjoy the class and happy to meet many classmates and share with others.

  10. Eric Says:


  11. NY Says:

    The Ebooks are of good content.

  12. Rebecca Yau Says:

    Agreed that the class was a great sharing on using online advertisment to make monies. Besides, the valuable experiences shared by Conray are also very useful.

  13. Ada Says:

    I feel very execited that to learn how to creat a blog through the website which you recomment them to me.

    It is very nice to meet you at the class. Thank you very much for showing me a lot of methods to improve my website.

  14. Jieming Feng Says:

    This is a very professional course and in the class Harrace introduces a lot of practical approaches to make online marking effective and efficient.

    A very intensive course personally I feel very usefully.

  15. Eric Yeung Says:

    i am one of the student of internet marketing coaching of, i have learnt what i want about creating & running of onling shop & blog. This is a very great coaching.
    Actually, running a website in internet is not a difficult thing if you have a good coaching, provides what you needed, knowledge, technical support & and more.
    i personally very enjoy such coaching.

  16. liszt Says:

    i agree with you ,i expeat will success in the internet business

  17. lokwing Yeung Says:

    even I have been working on I.T field. Internet is huge market; it is web 2.0 generation and which actually you can use these kind of internet tools to help. e1net gave some idea and a training of Internet Marketing Skills to help to do your own business. I hope every student can learn more from it and change their half life. Thx


  18. Lawrence NG Says:

    During the course, I’ve learn so many useful knowledvge about how to increase our site ranking.
    Also interested in how to earn pay per click on Google Absence and how to earn in affliate program.
    Thanks very much!!!

  19. Louis Says:

    Many new ideas to me, need time to digest and practice.
    Will update you when I have earned money on the net.

  20. queenie chan Says:

    it’s very true a practical seminor to help people to stard a on line bussines.

  21. MICHAEL FONG Says:

    Today I learn different internet marketing skills and it’s really useful. One of the section that encourage me is the highest C.P.C.’s words from Google keyword tool are words about finance such as stock, wealth, invest, etc. It’s because I’m going to make a website about wealth wisdom.

    Also, The Google Adsense is a very good function to earn money in website without using much time after I development a good website.

  22. Leung chi wai Says:

    I agree with Harrace. Actually, the cost of online market is zero. Nowadays, many people have Internet. So, it is a best method to start your business.

  23. Johnny Says:

    Interesting lecture ~~

  24. Chia Phin Fun Says:

    This course worth learning . Pratical and it will work if you are willing to spend time on it. Thank you Fione.

  25. MICHAEL FONG Says:

    I am glad to join this course 909. After the 4 days training course, I really learn a lot. Through the assignments, I can reinforce the skill of internet marketing. I will finish all the assignments as soon as possible. I will make a wealth wisdom website, blogs, and write ebook about wealth. I will also make website about insurance. Thanks for Fione and Harrace and all the staffs.
    Yours Sincerely,

    Michael Fong

  26. Matthew Says:

    Glad to see all member is satisfy with the course, by the way, me too.

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