Posted by Harrace Lau, Senior Internet Marketing Coach

Fione Tan, top Internet marketing coach, co-founders and CEO of is invited as one of the e-Marketing trainers to share e-Marketing experience on Taiwan Internet Marketing event “eMarketing for Agricultural and Food Products” organized by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) being held in Taipei from 11 to 15 May, and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan.

Agricultural representatives from different countries including two agricultural companies from Taiwan participated in this training event. One of the participants Yip Zhe Wei said his company selling fish B2B and 70% of the sales were from the local Taiwan market whereas 30% was to overseas market including the U.S, Europe, Japan and Korea. He wished to start selling B2C after attending the training with a higher profit margins.

Fione Tan, Internet marketing coach from Malaysia, is the certified Training Provider for in Malaysia and Singapore, and offers e-Marketing training to Alibaba members and guide them how to increase global sales and get more quality buyers using Alibaba plaftform. According to Tan, there are two types of competitors for e-Marketing, one is local competitors, and the other is global competitors. To compete locally and globally requires different e-Marketing skills and use of different e-Marketing platforms, and in particular, those which are popular and free such as Google, and Facebook.

Tan will also be sharing how to set up one’s own ecommerce platform to build brands and for long term e-Marketing effects.

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