Interested to sell online but don’t know what to sell and find hot-selling products to sell globally? With 20 years experience in selling online B2C and B2B, eOneNet Hong Kong Continuing Education Fund subsidizes up to HK$20,000 per entrepreneur to learn this digital marketing skill. This is not a technical course to learn how to be a SEO consultant or to sell web design services, but a one stop starting from scratch entrepreneur training to help you find good products to sell online (without investing into expensive stocks) and get profit margins up to 60% from the comfort of your home.

Conducted over 4 days (2 weekends of hands-on workshop), you will learn what to sell, where to source, how to write your website contents copywriting, and creating a high conversion website business, including writing your own e-books (no worry, you can even become an author to sell on Amazon or other digital books sites like Clickbank, even without writing it yourself).

On the subsequent Day 3 and 4, you will learn the different tactics to promote online (mostly FREE online marketing strategies that are effective) to drive traffic to your webstore and increase your website visitors to get higher sales. This includes SEO (search engine optimization for free rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and china search engines like Baidu SEO tips). Many SEO workshops focused on google advertising / pay per click via SEM (search engine marketing) but most of our eOneNet students are using our free Top 10 Google rankings tips, some of which have first page Rankings for free for over 10 years without spending a single cent on advertising (which business owner doesn’t like to save advertising fees).

You will also learn latest social media marketing for business strategies from creating your company FB business page to youtube video marketing plus latest popular online marketing methods such as Tik Tok and DouYin short video or live streaming selling tips. We will also recommend you various free tools for your run your online business, create viral videos and come up with NEW multiple sources of income.

Remember we are not teaching you how to be a SEO consultant, Online Business expert or Digital marketing business, but to give you the skills you need to create a profitable online business with your own .com and increase your international income, so even if you migrate, you can make money online!

Here are some common questions for our HK CEF Online Business Workshop

  1. How much do I need to spend to start an Online Business?
    The 4 days course with 60 days online coaching is HK$29,980 and you will enjoy up to HK$20,000 subsidy when you complete the course (pass our exams and complete the 2 months online assignments / homework)
  2. I do not have any products and no ideas of what to sell, can I Join?
    Yes, over 70% of our students are newbies to business or changing their career. They know the importance of digital marketing skills for an entrepreneur / business owner so they are willing to upgrade their skills and knowledge to find a new source of income for themselves. We will show you how to find popular keywords with over 100,000 searches every month globally (means there is a high demand), find reputable supplier / products source which you will immediately insert into your website during the COURSE itself, so not wait and think at home as eOneNet CEF course is hands-on and practical.
    30% of the students are current business owners with own products, services and many with their own websites but come to learn how to drive traffic, change their current business model, export internationally and improve online sales and profits.
  3. I am non-technical and do not know how to design a website, can I join?
    Running a successful online business, does not mean you need to know how to PROGRAM a website or know IT programming. Look at Internet billionaires such as Jack Ma of Alibaba or Richard Liu Qiangdong of JD, are they technical people? As a matter of fact, we have many students who themselves are MBA and PHD holders still coming to our course as they want to get hands-on coaching with practical knowledge to launch their online business and not textbook theories.
    Minimum requirements is basic email sending, typing skills and positive learning attitude. If English language is a barrier, then you can start a Chinese website to target selling to China and Hong Kong.
  4. I am selling service eg I am an insurance agent, property agent, lawyer or medical doctor, what can I sell online?
    Yes, even for service providers and consultants, you need to market yourself on the Internet to get leads, accept online bookings, and to get international leads. We have many financial planners, professional service consultants and service providers attend our course and are getting increased leads online, ending in increase income and higher profits.
  5. How to sign up?
    Contact us at +852-63093618 to get a free consultation at eOneNet Hong Kong Causeway Bay Sino Plaza office today.
    If you are in Malaysia, you can also contact us at +6012-232 8878 and we have Internet Success Coaching bootcamp that offers similar training in Malaysia.