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eOneNet.com sues eBiz Solution Network and Ex-student

Posted by Harrace Lau, Chief Consultant eOneNet, the leading Asia Internet marketing company in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, has filed a Writ of Summons in court against its ex-student Linda Lee Chye Yen for breach of agreement and copyrights, who after attending…


Beware! eOneNet.com Website Was Hacked!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach After receiving a few complaints that eOneNet is sending out gaming emails, we found that our website was hacked, and duplicated exactly our website www.eOneNet.com with other domain name   Although the website is a duplicate of eOneNet.com, the…


China Internet Marketing

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach The upcoming Guangzhou Internet marketing seminar to be conducted by eOneNet.com will be held on 14 May (Sat) 2pm – 5pm in Guangzhou Yuetian Hotel (越天酒店).  This is the only Internet marketing seminar which reveals the…


eOneNet Malaysia Internet Marketing Office Grand Opening Today!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach Congratulations to eOneNet.com Malaysia Office Grand Opening today! Our Malaysia team got back to the office before 7am today, as the official opening ceremony would be held at 8am sharp, being the most auspicious fengshui timing.…


Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching Reveals Make Money Online Secrets

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach Wow, this is the second weekend of eOneNet.com’s Internet marketing coaching program in Hong Kong!  Some of the participants have already started their websites or blogs from scratch within the first month!  Some samples of new blogs are:…


eOneNet Internet Marketing Blog Contest Opens for Voting Now!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach We have already selected the top 10 posts for eOneNet’s Internet marketing blog contest, and is now open for voting by eOneNet members. The winner with the most no. of votes from eOneNet members will get the new…