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Hong Kong Internet Marketing Lags Behind

Posted by Harrace Lau, Senior Internet marketing coach How is Hong Kong Internet Marketing, compared to Internet marketing Malaysia, Internet marketing Singapore, Internet marketing China, or even Internet marketing Vietnam? Most companies in Hong Kong are still not embracing Internet marketing fully for…


Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching Starts this Weekend!

Posted by Harrace, Internet Marketing Coach A new Internet marketing coaching course has commenced this weekend in Hong Kong, with full house attendance! Day 1 is kicked off with “Finding and Sourcing for Hot Ideas to Sell Online, Even without Products!” I revealed…


Sunday Hong Kong Internet Marketing Seminar Attracts Serious Crowd

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach After the 3-day World SME Expo 2010 in HK Convention Centre, we conducted an Internet marketing seminar in our HK centre today. Despite it’s a Sunday, there were still quite a number of participants attending. I…


Hong Kong Internet Marketing Expo at Olympian City MTR

Posted by Harrace, Sennior Internet Marketing Coach  eOneNet is now hosting an Internet marketing expo in Olympian City (Phase 2) MTR. One of the promotional items is our most popular Hong Kong Internet marketing seminar Basic – How To Sell Online and Make…


Internet Marketing Hong Kong Seminar Best Students Ever!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach eOneNet is conducting Phase 2 of Internet marketing Hong Kong coaching class this weekend. We are excited to work with the best students ever! Instead of starting a website some time after the class, more than 80%…


Congratulations to New Hong Kong Internet Entrepreneurs!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach Congratulatons to the last batch of Hong Kong Internet marketing coaching graduates in 2008 who have just completed their classroom training last weekend! This is one of the best group of students we’ve ever had, as…


Video-Internet Marketing Hong Kong Centre Opening-eOneNet.com

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach Wow! eOneNet’s Hong Kong Internet Marketing Centre finally has finally opened yesterday, with full house attendance by eOneNet customers and students! Here is a video for the opening ceremony. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7208753514184235493 Fione and eOneNet students officiating the…


eOneNet To Introduce First English Internet Marketing Seminar in Hong Kong!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach I am writing this post from my KL office, announcing this piece of good news. With our own new office and computer lab in HK, eOneNet will be introducing more training courses and seminars. Last month,…


Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching 2nd Weekend Reveals More Make Money Online Secrets!

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach Wow, finally, we are conducting the 1st Internet marketing coaching program in our own new computer lab this weekend, with FULL HOUSE attendance! The Internet line here is the best in term of speed and stability,…