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First Online Shopping Mall to Send HongBao on Facebook

28Mall launches the first hongbao in Facebook to enable shoppers to shop for free in Hong Kong and creates a viral effect. While WeChat and Alipay are competing to give digital HongBao, which is cash money filled “red envelopes” or “red packets” normally…


Internet Business in Malaysia?

I’ve been running Internet Business from Malaysia since 2000, and even till today, there are people who cannot believe that they can make money online from Malaysia…. When you have an Internet Business, you are not merely selling to customers in Kuala Lumpur,…


Corporate Journey magazine interviews Internet Marketing Coach – Fione Tan

Posted by Fione Tan, Head Internet Marketing Coach  Check out the chinese business magazine June 2008 edition of Corporate Journey 创业家 at magazines stands and bookstores in Malaysia for their cover story about how to start an Online Shop. You can find the…