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Fuzhou Internet marketing is set to fire up

Posted by Harrace Lau, Senior Internet marketing coach I flew back to Fuzhou today, after the last trip a few months ago, to have a meeting with the President of Fuzhou eCommerce Association. This time, I stayed at the Fuzhou Westin Hotel, which…


China Internet Marketing Guangzhou Seminar

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach The SmartHK Guangzhou Expo ended today. The traffic was not too bad. We managed to sign up participants for our Guangzhou Internet marketing seminars, Shenzhen Internet marketing seminars, and Hong Kong Internet marketing seminars. We also…


Shenzhen Internet Marketing

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach eOneNet conducted another round of Shenzhen Internet Marketing seminars at our China office on 26 and 28 April. While all the participants in the previous seminars registered in the traditional mode, i.e. by phone call and…


China Internet Marketing – eOneNet in Shenzhen Internet Expo 2 – 4 July 2010

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach eOneNet will be participating in the Shenzhen Internet Expo from 2-4 July 2010 at the Shenzhen Convention Centre, Futian. Top Internet companies and portals in China will also participate and showcase their services and solutions. Ticket…


Internet Marketing China – Shenzhen company launch

Internet marketing China office in Shenzhen is officially launched today at Marriott Shenzhen Hotel during a press conference this afternoon. Founders of Internet Marketing company – www.eOneNet.com – Ms Fione Tan and Mr Harrace Lau were in China during this event. Over 50…