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H1N1 Mask - Swine Flu Mask

The most popular H1N1 mask or swine flu mask is the N95 respirator mask from 3M. With the limited stocks of swine flu masks left in the market, reserve your N95 masks from us and we will deliver them to you anywhere in the world.

With H1N1 / swine flu confirmed cases in many countries , including rising death tolls resulting from H1N1 swine flu infection, you are advised to prepare yourself with the best swine flu protection of Swine Flu Mask

Swine Flu Mask

Genuine N95 Mask at US$26 per box only and worldwide delivery is offered.

Each box contains 20 N95 Masks

Click here to order your Swine Flu protection masks today!

Purchase of swine flu masks with no delivery fees are available for customers who collect their swine flu masks from our local offices.

Hong Kong Swine Flu Mask HK$140 per box of 20 pieces of N95 masks
Malaysia Swine Flu Mask RM82 per box of 20 pieces of N95 masks

Payments can be made at the offices via CASH, and swine flu masks can only be collected from our respective offices without any shipping charges.

Swine Flu Masks only work if changed regularly and they get damp easily, becoming an infection risk. Not all masks will be effective. Surgical masks are not designed to prevent virus particles being inhaled but to stop germs spreading from doctors to patients. Masks that protect against viruses such as the swine flu virus, must conform to the European standard FFP3 and the US equivalent N95.

The popular antiviral medicines oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza) are effective treatments for swine flu so you can check at your local pharmacies for stocks availability.

Swine Flu outbreak has been raised to alert level of Phase 5 by World Health Organization (WHO).

World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Six Phases are described below

Phase 1 : No new reports of animal viruses infecting humans
Phase 2 : Animal virus known to have infected humans
Phase 3 : Sporadic outbreaks in people. But no sustained community level human-to-human infection
Phase 4 : Community-level human-to-human outbreaks. Significant increase of risk of pandemic.

Phase 5 :
Human-to-human outbreaks in 2 countries. Strong signal that a pandemic is imminent.
Phase 6 : Human-to-human outbreaks in at least 3 countries. Pandemic, under way.

Swine Flu News on swine flu masks, swine flu cure, pig flu prevention and swine flu cases reports
3 Reasons to buy Swine Flu Masks from eOneNet?
1. Guaranteed Genuine 3M N95 Mask

2. Worldwide Delivery (we have successfully sent 3M masks to many countries including USA, Japan, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia)

3. Reputable ecommerce company since 2000

Swine Flu Mask Online Store of 3M N95 Mask

Swine Flu Mask : How to wear N95 Mask

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