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eOneNet To Launch 1st Hong Kong Train the trainer program

Dear Friend,

eOneNet is excited to introduce Asia's No.1 Certified Professional Trainer Program in Hong Kong! The speaker, K.C.See, is the trainer of the trainer, and is the mentor of Harrace and myself!

Who is this for?
You must attend is you:

  • are already a trainer by profession or trainer-to-be
  • are doing or involved in training in the course of your work
  • are planning a career change
  • have the intention to go into training when you retire
  • aspire to live the life of professional trainer, being able to travel to different countries, and earn in one day what you used to earn in one month!
First of all, let's read a message from K.C.See.

Fione Tan
President & CEO


Hi, My name is K.C. See and I have been in training for 23 years. I have mentored and trained over 600 trainers from 5 different countries and have done numerous training projects and management programmes for organizations across all industries from financial organizations like Citibank in Malaysia to China Eastern Airlines in China. I am inviting you to join us to discuss the prospects and the future of training as a profession.

Yes, we are talking about a career here. It’s not only optimisation or enhancement of your existing skills but to build up a completely new and exciting career.

I am not sure if this profession is for you, and more importantly, I am not even sure if you have a passion for sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise with others. The best way to find out is for you to meet up with us to understand more about the training opportunities in this region.

Come and join us for the consultation session below, or make a face-to-face appointment with our consultant. Don’t let the insignificant doubts to stop you just here. Find out why training is the concern of most companies, and how professional trainers can be the solutions.

Reserve your seat for the session below, or call us to make appointment.


7 Jun (Tue)

6.30 - 8.30PM
16/F, Top Glory Tower, 262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
* No Walk-Ins Entertained

Teaching Language: Cantonese (supplemented by English)
Fee: HK$595
FIRST 18 Online payment via credit card: HK$50
Bank-in: HK$100

To Register, CLICK HERE

Yours Sincerely,
K.C. See
Master Trainer

P.S. Find out how becoming a trainer can enhance your career and your earning capability many times. Call us today!

Quest Group and The Master Trainer,
KC See

The Quest Group has training businesses in 5 countries and is developing a team of trainers for its ongoing work as well as for the increasing opportunities in the training and development market. This is not another train-the-trainer programme but one that develops an alternative career. The Certified Professional Trainers Course is a solid and proven 12-month mentorship programme. This training and mentoring programme is designed specially for anyone who wants a second career or an income source as a professional trainer.

A powerful speaker and trainer, KC See has trained & mentored over 70,000 people over the last 23 years. As a trainer, his highest fee earned per day is US $7,500. KC is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK.

“You can easily make a 5-figure monthly income as a trainer, with just 6 days of work!”

What Graduates Say:

“I was a mathematics teacher. My life has completely changed after attending CPT Course which enables me to pursue my dream in sharing my passion with as many people as possible, in which I have been to U.S., Bulgaria, China and many other countries. Training is a very rewarding career – financially and spiritually. I believe everybody can achieve success just like I did.”
Teoh Poh Yew
“I attended this programme in May 2002. Now I make US$2000per training day and I was recently featured in ‘Pila Bisnis’ as the top trainer in Indonesia. Thank you KC.”
Tung Desem
"I am indeed grateful and thankful to KC for sharing and equipping me to become a better professional trainer and also to the other many wonderful trainers like Poh Yew, James, Daniel and Nigel. My journey so far as a CPT has been awesome ... having the opportunity to work and share, days getting filled with training, speaking and coaching business opportunities ... attracting new engagements, clients and strategic alliances. More importantly, our CPT community has been a fantastic source of positive energy, resource and support."
Jonathan Low
"I have benefitted tremendously from the CPT course. The course content has been designed to guide novice as well as advanced trainers to achieve greater proficiency and professionalism. The learning materials have proven to be invaluable even for subsequent references. The mentoring programme lived up to its promise and provided a lot of added value to the course."
Mohd Nawi Dul
"Sometime in Nov 2005, I almost gave up the training profession. Then I decided to attend CPT course. I told myself this is the last chance for me to turn around my career. The CPT programme opened my eyes, mind and enabled me to see the training profession in the right perspective. Today, I enjoy many training opportunities from many sources as I apply the strategies taught by the programme. If anybody is truly serious about doing well in training, this programme is a MUST to attend and apply."
Jackson Ng

The Certified Professional Trainers
A dynamic 12-month career and professional development programme that provides mentorship, training and support system to enable you to become a
professional trainer.





我是KC See,一直以來致力於發展培訓和培訓市場的工作,如今我來到了中國,來到了北京!首先給您幾個問題,試試看是否能夠準確回答?


如果您對上面的問題感興趣,想了解更多有關“專業培訓師國際資格認證”課程的內容,就來預約參加我們的專題講座吧!eOneNet 將舉辦專題講座,主題是--“如何投資自我成為卓越的講師”暨“專業國際培訓師資格認證講座”。

(The Certified Professional Trainers' Course簡稱CPT)課程:不是普通的“培訓培訓師(TTT)”的項目,而是幫你轉變職業生涯的課程。它是經過“英國國際專業管理公會(IPMA)”認證,並由世界知名講師運用教練、訓練技術開展的“國際職業培訓師認證”課程。長達12個月的訓練課程是專門為尋求專業講師職業生涯道路的人士設計的。您除了能學到專業講師的技巧以外,還可以掌握“如何銷售培訓項目、組織研討會和做市場推廣”,以及我20多年來在培訓領域成功的戰略和經驗!我相信參加完這個項目後,您能在人格魅力和專業度方面均得到明顯的提高。趕快預定席位吧,我們期待著與您進行更直接的溝通!

KC See



一、卓越培訓師成功之道-- K.C. 老師成功經驗分享


施國忠先生(K.C. See)是跨勢集團(QUEST GROUP)創辦者,(跨勢集團在世界5個國家從事出版、培訓、諮詢、在線教育和指導技巧等業務)他是英國特許人士發展協會會員,特許會計師和特許秘書,並擁有澳洲的市場資格證書。作為一名頂級講師和培訓師,他培訓和指導了50,000名職業人士,他還幫助亞洲的很多企業提高員工績效、生產力和企業利潤。他擅長於戰略規劃、管理變革、等領域的諮詢。 K.C的眾多客戶為跨國企業,如:花旗銀行(Citibank)、摩托羅拉(Motorola)、索尼(Sony),西門子(Siemens)、翰威特(Hewlett Packard)、康柏(Compaq)、默克(Merck)、英國航空(British Airways)等。 K.C本身還出版了四本書,最新的著作為《追求卓越》。他個人的成功故事被收錄在《20位成功馬來西亞人的故事》中。



6.30 - 8.30PM

費用: HK$595   教學語言: 廣東語


Train the Trainer Seminar

Please select the seminar:

7 June 2011(Tue) 6.30pm – 8.30pm @ Room 1602, Top Glory Tower, 262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Mode of Payment
Please Select the mode of Payment
Credit Card Pre-payment
Bank-in / Telegraphic Transfer Pre-payment
Cash payment at event

* Bonus is only applicable to pre-payment. Payment made are non-refundable. Seats are transferable upon prior written notice.

: *


: *
: *
Zip/Postal Code
: *
: *
: * eg:852-6309 3618
: eg:852-2972 4088
I found out about this Event from
: *
Website Address (if applicable)
Promo Code

Answer the following questions to complete your registration
Do you have a passion to share knowledge and experiences with people?
Are you teachable and willing to set aside time for learning?
Do you want to spend your time and effort teaching what you love?
Are you looking for a new or an additional career or business?
Do you believe you can be trained to stand up and speak in front of a crowd?

Do you believe that good communication skills can be acquired and mastered?
Can you see yourself making HK$8,000 a day, 12 months from now?
Would you be willing to sacrifice 2 weekends to reach the income level described in (7)?
Are you wiling to invest in yourself, to create an income that pays back your investment in 4 days of training work?

If registering for more than 1 person, please specify name and emails of the other participants :




Phone Number





In case you experience any difficulty in submitting this form, please contact eOneNet Internet Marketing, or call 2591 9168 / 6309 3618.

Please pay to eOneNet Limited, Account number 012-724-1-005859-8, Bank of China (BOC).


eOneNet Limited, Account number 809-499981-838 , HSBC (香港上匯豐銀行)

Bank charges are to be deducted from the participants' own account and the full fee must be received by event organiser. Please fax the pay-in slip with the name of the delegate to (852) 3590 5618 for the proper credits to be applied, and bring it to the seminar for verification.

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