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Internet Marketing Book

The Internet Millionaire Checklist

by Fione Tan

Internet Marketing Checklist Book

Bestseller How to Make Money Online Book

The Internet Millionaire Checklist :

How you can earn Your First Million Online B2B and B2C,

with or without Products

Internet Marketing Book by Fione Tan


Fione Tan, President and CEO of, Asia’s No.1 Internet Marketing Coach and Multi-awards winning entrepreneur


eOneNet Limited (printed Nov 2012, 143 pages)


Wonder why some websites are making lots of money online, while some web businesses fail miserably? Now, you can achieve your ultimate Internet dream lifestyle with Fione Tan’s proven step-by-step Internet Business success roadmap.

This is a first Internet business and marketing book written by a highly successful Internet entrepreneur Fione Tan, No.1 Internet marketing coach in Asia, printed in full colour. This internet marketing book reveals for the first time, the actual Checklists the author has been using to start successful million dollar Internet businesses in the last 12 years, both B2B and B2C.

These easy-to-follow Internet Marketing Checklists include:

  • Finding Hot-selling Products Checklist
  • Profitable Internet Business Models Checklist
  • Identifying Your Targeted and Niche Market Checklist
  • Grabbing a Great Domain Name Checklist
  • Developing a Super Website Checklist
  • Creating Compelling Copywriting for Your Website Checklist
  • Accepting Payment on Your eCommerce Site Checklist
  • Getting Massive Traffic to Your Website Checklist
  • Boosting Sales with Free Social Media Marketing Checklist
  • Measuring Results and Tracking Website Performance Checklist

The reason why many Internet businesses failed is because most of them do not follow these Checklists. The author started the first Internet business in 2000 in Malaysia and has since grown it to a multi-million dollar company with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Fione Tan has also created other websites and brands selling various B2B, B2C, products, services, software and even ebooks.

She has shared her Internet Marketing expertise with over 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. In Fione Tan’s internet marketing coaching program, she has successfully coached newbies who have just started selling online to Real Millionaire Internet Entrepreneurs.

Bonus tips are also revealed for the first time including 29 Internet Millionaire Secrets of successful Internet businesses and 10 Success Attitude, for anyone wishing to be an Online Millionaire!

About the Author, Fione Tan :

At the age of 21, Fione Tan quit her job and in 2000, started her journey as a pioneer of Internet Marketing in Asia. Today, she is the President & CEO of, Asia’s leading internet marketing company with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. eOneNet clients include Fortune 500 corporations and local SMEs.

Fione is ranked the World's Top Internet Marketing Coach in top search engines. Her company offers Web 3.0 eCommerce Portal website design software, Internet Marketing consultancy, guaranteed SEO, search engines optimization, email marketing services, social media marketing, website business marketing training as well as internet marketing coaching.

“No.1 Internet Marketing Coach ” Kosmo newspaper, “ Internet Marketing Queen ” NTV7,

“Malaysia’s SuperWoman!” Marie Claire magazine, “Internet Magician” Jessica Magazine

Being an international internet marketing speaker, Fione Tan has presented in many international events in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Iran, UAE and more In 2002, she was also invited as an Internet Business expert in the World Economic Forum. Her full profile can be viewed at

Business owners, MNCs and manufacturers have hired Fione Tan to consult on internet marketing projects for B2B and B2C.

Fione Tan is an award winning internet marketing entrepreneur and businesswomen:-

* 2012 Business Women of the Year Award “Puteri Kesatria Perniagaan”
(award presented by Malaysia Prime Minister, YAB Dato Sri’ Najib Tun Razak)

* 2012 Jessica’s Most Successful Women Malaysia

* 2011 Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneur Award winners by JCI Malaysia

* 2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Award 2011 (HK Society of Computer and Metro Radio HK)

* 2010 Malaysia Her World's Top 50 Most Inspiring Women

* 2009 Hong Kong Distinguished Brand awards

* 2008 SMECorp Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs (award presented by Queen of Malaysia)

* 2006 ZDNET Asia’s Top 50 IT companies

In Nov 2012, Fione Tan was elected as the Councillor in PIKOM (National Computer Association of Malaysia).

She is also the author of the topic “Internet in Malaysia” for a book entitled A Malaysia Journey: Progress in Diversity in 2003, published by World Economic Forum.

Fione Tan is regularly interviewed as the Internet Business expert by various media including Bloomberg News, CNBC Asia, ChannelNewsAsia, Shanghai TV, CCTV, Malaysia TV3, TV2, and more. She is also the Internet Marketing Expert for Yahoo! Small business expert since 2009.


Internet Marketing Coach featured as 25 MOST POWERFUL BUSINESS BOOKS

Book Offer Price :
Malaysia RM 50 + Free Shipping

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Hong Kong HK$ 148 + Free Shipping

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China RMB 128 + Free Shipping

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Worldwide USD 17.95 + Shipping USD 5

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Fione Tan’s BestSeller Book on Amazon Reviews :

Check lict to a financial freedom lifestyle
Very GOOD internet coaching guide for beginner to setup internet business. Just follow the steps inside the checklist in the book then you can own your internet website and have very high ranking in Google search list.
by babyinfertility

real life internet coaching
A comprehensive book that could help you to achieve a successful future with financial freedom lifestyle. Directions and ideas are revealed infront of me while I read this book. Thumb up!
by Uwai

A practical guide to internet marketing
I have read the book & attended Fione's coaching course, she lived what she taught, it is real life, practical & workable.
by BK

Queen of Internet Marketing
No.1 Internet Marketing Coach - Fione Tan presents Internet marketing seminars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Asia

Fione Tan's Profile

  • 2012 Business Women of the Year Award “Puteri Kesatria Perniagaan”
  • 2012 Jessica’s Most Successful Women Malaysia
  • 2011 Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneur Award winners by JCI Malaysia
  • 2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Award 2011 (HK Society of Computer and Metro Radio HK)
  • 2010 Malaysia Her World's Top 50 Most Inspiring Women
  • 2009 Distinguished Brand Award ( Hong Kong)
  • 2008 National Women Entrepreneurs' Award
  • Ranked No.1 Internet Marketing Coach (2003-09)
  • CEO
  • 8-figure online sales per year
  • Clients include Fortune 500
  • Featured by Bloomberg, CNBCAsia, ChannelNewsAsia etc
  • Speaker fee US$6,500 for 45 minutes


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award winning internet marketing coach
Fione Tan Receives Business Women Award From Prime Minister of Malaysia 2012

award winning internet marketing queen
Fione Tan Receives Top 10 National Women Entrepreneurs Recognition From The Queen of Malaysia 2008

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