Internet Marketing Coaching CrowdFunding Seminar Malaysia
- New Ways of Crowdfunding to Raise $10 Million in 30 Days
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CrowdFunding Seminar Malaysia – New Ways of Crowdfunding to Raise $10 Million in 30 Days

Want to have a piece of the eCommerce Profits but don’t have the time to learn and apply the techniques? Did you know that Japan’s No.1 richest person made lots of money by investing in Internet ideas - Masayoshi Son, Softbank CEO where his best internet investment yielded 88 times his investment.

Now with the idea of crowdfunding, even individual SMALL investors can participate in BIG eMall CrowdFunding Investment ideas.

Join our NEW eMall CrowdFunding Investment talk where we will reveal tips on how to make online businesses work and how you can also have a part of the eCommerce pie, no matter if you have your own product or don’t even know what to sell yet.

What Will Be Revealed
- 10 NEW ways to crowdfund for money, resources, or people
- How one campaign raised RMB 10 Million by selling clothes in 30 days
- How 28Mall raised US$ 750,000 & how you can do the same
- How to open 10X retail outlets via crowdfunding
- Top 3 Crowdfunding platform in Asia to pre-sell millions of dollars
  of your products before even manufactured

Discover how with a low investment, you can do the global market and earn while you shop or share just like what you are doing daily.. no, this is not a MLM program but the latest eCommerce Shopping business model we are launching and inviting selected suitable candidates who want to be the founding members to grow this new eMall to the global market. Don’t miss this ground floor opportunity to join, in case it can be as successful as Alibaba!

eOneNet 特别在大马举办首次“众筹零成本融资创业新模式”及全球首个“分享 分销 分红”国际网上商城众筹发布会

MALAYSIA seminar register

eMall CrowdFunding Investment

14 Apr (Sat) 2.30pm-5pm
Venue : e1Net, A-36-11, Menara UOA Bangsar,
5 Jln Bangsar Utama 1, 59000 KL

Price : RM103.88 for Malaysia

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For any inquiries, kindly contact us at 6012 - 232 8878 (KL)

Fione Tan
President and CEO

国际电商平台众筹 低成本创业 - May 2015

国际电商平台众筹 低成本创业 - May 2015

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