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Headset Microphone - computer headset and microphone

Headset Microphone - computer headset and microphone

Headset microphone - pc headphone
Powerful open-air type headphones specifications:-
- Microphone : - 45 (+ or - 3dB)
- Impedance : 32 Ohm at 1kHz
- Sensitivity : 102 dB/mW
- Frequency response : 20~18,000Hz
- Cord length : Approximately 3 meters
- Weight : Approximately 55grams (excluding cord)

How to use the headset microphone?
It's very easy to use the headphones with Mic. Just hook the cables to the correct slots in your computer or laptop.

- there are 2 coloured plugs in your microphone headset
- red colour is to be hooked into your computer microphone slot
- black colour is to be hooked into your comptuer headset slot

Then, just open the application / software that you are using to talk online and you will be able to chat for free via the Internet.

Price : US$20 each Launch Offer : US$12 each
Buy 2 for US$18 only
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Talk using your computer via the Internet for Free, using lightweight stereo headphones

The computer headset and microphone is compatible with major VOIP services, including popular online messaging services like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Benefits of using the eOneNet Headset Microphone:-
- Talk for free online using your PC / laptop
- Listen to audio files / music from your hi-fi / sound system set (we have thrown in an extra audio plug for hi-fi system connection)
- Record your own audio files and create talking websites with online audio softwares like Web Audio software. Check out how this works at

The lightweight headphones are easy to carry, and travel friendly, so you can bring them along in your laptop bag.

Wholesalers are welcomed, and do send us your enquiry via our contact form here

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