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Ruby, who bought eOneNet’s Internet Marketing VideoInternet Marketing Coaching DVD Megapack one year ago, and has already made half a million dollars online! She shared her experience in a video here, in Chinese.


I’ve also interviewed her further to this Internet marketing video. For the benefits of those who can’t read Chinese, I’ve translated her reply to English.  Here you are.

1. What made you want to start the Internet business?
因為有生bb的計劃, 想在懷胎十個月的時候, 創業以方便在家賺錢, 這樣不用上班, 有更多時間bb.      

Because of having a baby plan, I wanted to start a business at home when I was 10 month pregnant, so that I don’t have to go to work and have more time with the baby.

2. What challenges / problems did you face before starting the business?
在創業初期, 找不到創業方向, 做網上買賣生意相比上班打工時間更長, 更不穩定, 又不想投入太多資金, 因為建立一個可以網上收費的網站也不便宜! 後來在報章見到eOneNet的網上賺錢講座廣告, 嘗試參加以取得靈感.

During the initial stage of starting business, couldn’t find the business direction, doing online sale and purchase business required longer working hours than working offline, more unstable, and didn’t want to invest too much capital, because developing a website that can accept payment is not cheap! Later, read the newspaper ad of eOneNet regarding making money online, tried to participate to get idea.

3. How have eOneNet helped you deal with the challenges after attending eOneNet’s coaching?
在上堂初期, eOneNet 給予我很多網上賺錢的概念, 但基於不想投入太多資本, 而我英文水平又不高, 很多網上賺錢的概念都只有英文版本(外國的網站), 所以我要面對很多語言的障礙; 因此我選擇先協助我丈夫的公司製作網頁, 並一步步跟隨eOneNet的指導去做, 希望能提高公司的知名度和營業額.

After joining the course initially, eOneNet gave me many ideas for making money online, but because don’t want to invest too much capital, and my English level is not high, many making money online ideas only got English version (foreign websites), so I have to face many language barriers. Because of this, I chose to help my husband’s company develop web page, and follow eOneNet’s Internet marketing coaching step by step, and hope to raise the awareness and sales revenue of the company.

4. What specific results are you getting now? e.g the percentage of sales came from online, and how much is this sum so far, and the biggest single order so far.
在完成六個月的課程後, 基本上我丈夫的公司的網頁已經在Google香港版排首頁位置, 現在, 我們的網頁已經在Google, Yahoo, Timway 的搜尋器排首頁位置, 而Yahoo更是首名位置! 我的keyword是 (刪除, 以保障Ruby的排名)等等. 由於在搜尋器排名位置優越, 經過每次客人査詢時做的統計, 有70%是在搜尋器找到我們公司的網頁, 而這些查詢當中, 約有50%交易成功率, 由2006年七月(網頁建成)至2007年四月止, 經網上達成的交易約HK$450,000. 而其中的HK$300,000是單一客戶的營業額.

After completing the 6-month course, my husband’s company website already ranked in the first page of Google Hong Kong. Now the website is ranked in page one of Google, Yahoo, Timway and even No.1 ranking in Yahoo! My keywords are (deleted to protect Ruby’s rankings) etc. Because of the top rankings, from survey done during customers’ enquries, 70% found out our company website from search engines, out of which there is a 50% success transaction rate. From July, 2006 (when website was completed) until April, 2007, the online transactions were worth about HK$450,000, one of the orders from one single customer was worth HK$300,000.

5. What have you done right to achieve these results?
我們公司的網頁之成功, 原因是取得良好的網域名稱, 其次是選擇合適和正確的keyword, 以及不斷更新及改善網頁內容. 最重要是我的 Internet marketing coach Fione and Harrace 給我的幫助很大, 我又何不明白問他們, 很快便獲得回覆.

The success of our company website, is because getting a good domain name, next is choosing suitable and correct keyword, and constantly updating and improving website contents. Most importantly, my Internet marketing coach Fione and Harrace helped me a great deal to overcome my obstacles. Whenever I asked them any questions, they replied to me speedily.

6. Your advice to those who want to make money online.
以我的經驗, 我提議各位想在搜尋器排名位置優越, 先選擇合適和正確的keyword(從目標客戶的角度), 要勤力更新網站內容, 需要耐性等待搜尋器的”光臨”, 以及在最小的範圍做起(我最初只設定香港市場).
祝您是下一位成功者, 共勉之!

According to my experience, I suggest if you want to get top rankings in search engines, first choose the suitable and right keyword (from the angle of target customer), update website contents diligently, and wait patiently for “arrival” of search engines, and start from smallest coverage (at first, I targeted only Hong Kong market). Hope you will be the next success person!
Ruby Chan
Sun Sze Glass Engineering Co., Ltd.
Congratulations to Ruby’s success! Do you also want to be the next success story? It’s not that difficult, after all, if you can be equally passionate, take effective action, and be persistent. Of course, you can get a short-cut to success if you can learn from real successful role models.