Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet marketing coach

 Since branded ourselves as Internet marketing coach in Asia, (and the first company to create and own this position in Asia), we have created the most successfully Internet marketing coaching program in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, with the most no. of successful graduates making real money online, including some making millions online from scratch. 

Since then, there are many overnight Internet marketers who after attending some Internet marketing seminars and learning from ebooks, also claim themselves to be Internet marketing coaches, and also try to teach others to make money online.

If you decided you would need an Internet marketing coach to hand-hold you to start your profitable Internet business, choosing the right one is crucial to your success. Here are 7 tips to help you find a suitable one:

1. The first factor to consider is to ask how much is the Internet marketing coach making money online?

There is a huge difference for someone making a few thousands and another one making millions of dollars, each year. An internet marketing coach who teaches you strategies learnt from a book is never as useful as one who can show you real experience of making lots of money online, so it’s not a “textbook” coach that you need.

If you intend to make US$100,000 online, then find a Coach who makes at least double or triple this income from his or her internet business.

2. If an Internet marketing coach claims that he has made a lot money online, can he or she prove it?

Did the Coach show you his or her online income statement? On the Internet, beware of a lot of bogus claims. It just takes some simple editing software to change the digits on a cheque or on a Clickbank statement.

How do you check for this claim then? Visit the website and understand the nature of business this person is operating. If he sells a software for US$20 and gets 1,000 sales each month (totalling to US$20,000 in income), but spends over US$10,000 in Google Adwords advertising. Then his income derived will be just US$10,000 and then you need to minus the percentage of affiliate commissions he is paying (and for ebooks and digital softwares, it can be as high as 75%). Therefore, even if his affiliate commissions are 50%, the nett income this person earns is just about US$5,000 right?

3. Is the coach practising what he teaches?

Many self-proclaimed Internet marketing coaches are “overnight” gurus who have made some money by selling ebooks or making money information.

Even if an Internet marketing coach can prove he is making money online, find out what is his main source of income. Most of the Internet marketing coaches’ main income is by selling making money information, and then by teaching. And if they claim you can make millions of dollars without selling anything, or even without doing any hard work, then you need to be ultra careful.

If you want to sell physical products, and if the coach cannot prove he has sold physical products successfully, how can he be qualified to teach you to do so?

4. What kind of coaching support is the Internet marketing coach providing you?

Due to limited resources, most of them can offer you only email support, which is the most basic level of support. How can one person support hundreds of students at one time?

You should find someone, or rather a reputable Internet marketing company, who has perfected an online support system, such as online members’ area with uploaded course materials, online ticket system for asking and answering questions, plus support from the technical team.

When and how soon will your Internet marketing Coach reply to your questions? Who answers your questions? An administrative or sales staff will not have the proper qualification nor experience to teach you how to get top rankings in search engines.

5. Can the Internet marketing coach offer you regional support?

For instance, if you want to target the Asian markets? Does the coach have regional physical offices in other countries? If you intend to sell to the Chinese, then you need to translate your website pages into Chinese, and target local search engines in China and Hong Kong. Does your Internet marketing Coach have Chinese rankings in top China search engines such as Baidu and

6. Has the Internet marketing coach groomed any successful Internet entrepreneurs, in selling different types of products, services and information?

If yes, how successful they are? Has any of their coaching participants made millions of dollars online? If the students that are coached, end up only reselling the Coach’s ebooks or softwares, then something must be wrong!

7. Is this Internet marketing coaching program the ONLY one you need to attend?

Is the coach teaching you most of the things you need to learn to make money online during the seminar or coaching? Or is he only interested in upselling you to other more expensive seminars, programs or websites? We have seen many cases of entrepreneurs signing for a simple US$1,000 internet conference and leaving the 3 days conference with additional ebooks and videos purchase of US$5,000. In total, you would have ended up paying US$6,000 right?

Using the tips above, you can look forward to hiring an efficient real Internet Marketing Coach that can guide you towards creating your income online.