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Harrace Lau is the Chief Consultant of, and is now managing the Hong Kong office


MYCYBERSALE – Offers & Deals 2017 Oct 7

Shop original brands at MYCYBERSALE offer form Oct 9-13, 2017. 28Mall Exclusive 20% Cashback Rewards HB$ Shop online at Jewelry & Watches Davena Swarovski Watch Sale : RM424  (Usual : RM948) Women’s fashion watch that blings all the way with its moving dial…


Best Malaysia Online Shopping Mall

Online Shopping Malaysia latest brand – – Asia’s Luxury eMall for Brands & Retailers rewards members via its Share & Shop for FREE Program. No more buying fake items or getting a scare of receiving cheap, inferior quality item when you receive your…


How to start eCommerce Business in Malaysia in just 1 Day Online StartUp workshop

Need to increase your income in Malaysia and start earning US$? Learn how to make money online selling globally. eOneNet, internet marketing coach to Internet Millionaires shares:- – New Million dollar business models you should learn (not just selling products) – How to…


Internet Marketing Coach Reveals Make Money Online Secrets

Top Asia Internet Marketing Company eOneNet is conducting the most popular Internet marketing coaching course in Kuala Lumpur this weekend. With ideas from products sellers promoting outdoor sports, to beauty online stores, we also have service providers selling wedding photography services on the…


Taiwan eCommerce Market to Hit US$34 Billion in 2015

Posted by Harrace Lau, Senior Internet Marketing Coach, eOneNet Taiwan is fast growing to be one of the top eCommerce markets in Asia, with more than 80% internet penetration rate and 50% smartphone adoption rate. eCommerce is expected to grow to US$34 Billion…



發布:劉學聰,eOneNet 網絡行銷教練 現今電子商務當道,已顛覆很多傳統行業,除了服裝,電子產品等熱門產品必需做電子商務外,現在農產品及食品也需要發展電子商務及電子行銷。亞洲生產力組織於5月11-15日在台北首次主辦“農產品及食品電子行銷課程”,來自亞洲多個國家業者及網絡行銷專家參與,包括馬來西亞領先網絡營銷公司eOneNet行政總裁陳美儀(Fione Tan), 將會分享如何做B2B及B2C電子商務經驗。 陳美儀於2000年在馬來西亞創辦eOneNet, 公司現發展到新加坡,香港及中國大陸,為亞洲網絡行銷公司領先品牌,並獲得馬來西亞首相及馬來西亞皇后分別親自頒發企業家獎項。此次陳美儀來台灣主要是分享她10多年的網絡行銷經驗,及如何選擇及使用不同的平台做電子商務及電子行銷。陳美儀建議除了在流行的第三方平台推廣外,企業應建立自己的獨立平台,目的的打造自己平台品牌,及為了長遠發展,提升台灣網絡行銷競爭力。


Taiwan Internet Marketing Agricultural and Food Products

Posted by Harrace Lau, Senior Internet Marketing Coach Fione Tan, top Internet marketing coach, co-founders and CEO of is invited as one of the e-Marketing trainers to share e-Marketing experience on Taiwan Internet Marketing event “eMarketing for Agricultural and Food Products” organized…


eOneNet Launches World’s First Crowdfunding eMall Project

Posted by Harrace Lau Crowdfunding and ecommerce are the popular keywords in 2014. eOneNet is set to tap into this growing trend to launch the World first eMall with crowdfunding from customers. This is the World’s first eMall where customers can join as…


Fione Tan Presents in 57th World Internet Summit in Shenzhen

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach Fione Tan, President and CEO of was invited to speak in the 57th World Internet Summit in Shenzhen on 16 November and presented to an audience of about 1,000 people who came from different parts…


Chongqing Cross Border eCommerce Seminar by eOneNet

Posted by Harrace, Senior Internet Marketing Coach eOneNet will educate Chongqing Cross-border ecommerce companies via the first cross-border ecommerce seminar to be held today organized by the Foreign Trade Ministry in Chongqing. Fione Tan, founder of, and Harrace Lau, Asia Pacific Director,…