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Your search is over! Discover the best internet marketing coach to guide you towards making money online.
  Top 3 Reasons Why is your No.1 Choice  
  1. is ranked No.1 in Top search engines for thousands of competitive keywords.
  2. is making millions of dollars selling different products, services, information online (B2B and B2C) since 2000
  3., the only one who can help you sell not just to the West, and but to China with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and China
  So are eOneNet’s students!    

“I can sell any products in hot demand online. With the outbreak of swine flu, I sell N95 masks online. Within 2 days after getting No. 1 rankings for free in search engines, I received orders for more than 1,000 boxes from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, USA etc."

Harrace Lau,

fione - internet marketing malaysia coach  

“I attended the program in 2003 and has been using the techniques to make money online selling B2B, and after retiring, I am now selling services online. The course saved me lots of time & I am getting at least 3 new sales daily. coaching really works and I’ve just reattended the program in 2010 to learn more new social media marketing strategies to make money online!”

TY Tan, online fengshui consultant

Make money online selling services  

"After eOneNet coaching, I closed my first sale! At Yahoo and Bing, some of my other keywords already in No.1! And these few days, my Google Analytic shown that my web visitors is increasing. Unbelievable !!! "

August Low, Hair Removal Online Site


The global financial tsunami has engulfed the biggest financial institution, caused stock markets to crash,companies to close down and massive layouts. However, one industry is still not affected, and is still growing, at 20% in the U.S. and 50% in China – It’s Internet sales., ranked No.1 Asia Internet Marketing Company since 2003, will reveal secrets of increasing sales at a compound rate of 100% for 5 consecutive years, and even amidst financial tsunami


New Ways of Internet Marketing 2012 To be Revealed:

  • How to use Facebook, Twitter to boost website traffic and sales
  • How to find and source for hot selling products online with annual million dollar sales potential
  • How to get top rankings in Google, Yahoo search engines
  • How to accept online payment for Asian websites
  • How to make money with business blogs
  • Case study of Million dollar websites and blogs


  This is NOT a preview, but an interactive workshop loaded with tons of Internet marketing tips and secret Internet marketing strategies which eOneNet and its clients are using to make money on the Internet (though we will also present various options you can take at the end of this workshop, including how our products, services, courses can give you a head start)  

More Differences

  • unlike fly-by-the-night "gurus", eOneNet owns office, computer lab, with a team of experienced web designer, programmers and all tools you need to sell online and make money, instantly. So you are able to contact us at our local offices via phone calls or physical attendance in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China to get technical and marketing support, instead of just sending email enquiries and waiting for reply endlessly.
  • Fione Tan, head Internet Marketing Coach of is ranked TOP Internet Marketing Coach in top search engines with thousands of No.1 rankings in top international search and Fione Tan, President & CEO, have been extensively featured on TV, including Bloomberg, CNBC Asia, Channel NewsAsia, TV2 and TV3 etc and over 100 articles in Business Times, New Strait Times, The Star, Malaysian Business and all other major media.Unlike other Internet marketers whose only expertise is to sell Internet marketing ebooks or info, eOneNet has extensive real life making money experience for its websites and its clients, including NEC, FujiXerox, Apple Malaysia, Goodyear.
  • Fione Tan is a sought after International speaker on Internet Marketing seminars and has spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Iran, U.A.E., Philippines, India, and other Internet marketing seminars - CommunicAsia Internet Marketing Seminar 2002, Int'l Internet Marketing Seminar 2001, eBiz Seminar 2000, etc. She is the Malaysia IT representative to Asian Pacific Chambers of Commerce (CACCI) and panel Internet speaker for Asian Productivity Organisation Japan. For more info, visit
  • is the only Internet marketing company in Asia to be around since 2000 and persistently growing its business across Asia with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

How To Choose the Best Internet Marketing Coach

To read more about No.1 Internet Marketing Coach Asia, Fione Tan, visit Join us at to get more tips from our Internet marketing coaches. Follow us at to get invitation for internet marketing events and special internet marketing deals.

Internet Marketing Coach Video Reveals Make Money Online Secrets in KL

We are excited to conduct another weekend Internet marketing coaching program at our Kuala Lumpur centre to a group of Chinese speaking group, who came from KL, Pahang, JB, Penang, KK, Singapore and other places.

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Penang Internet Marketing Seminar Received Overwhelming Response

It has been nearly one year since eOneNet conducted the last Internet marketing seminar in Penang. This place didn’t seem to have changed. The food was still great!

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1st Chinese Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Seminar in Malaysia

I am back to KL and will stay until end of next week to help in a series of Internet marketing seminars in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The Penang Internet marketing seminars will be held on 29 June (Sunday) afternoon and 30 June evening. Fione and I will be there. If you would like to meet up with us, Register now.

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Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching Reveals Make Money Online Secrets
Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Wow, this is the second weekend of’s Internet marketing coaching program in Hong Kong! Some of the participants have already started their websites or blogs from scratch within the first month!

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Internet Marketing Coach Reveals B2B Marketing Secrets

The monthly education topic for the eBusiness Club meeting held in our Hong Kong eOneNet Centre yesterday was “B2B Marketing Success Tips”. This is where the big money lies online, as one order can be for tons of products.

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Internet Marketing Coach Tips - What to sell online?

A whopping 80% of those who attended eOneNet Internet marketing seminars, and even our popular Internet marketing coaching course conducted in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore do not have any ideas what to sell.

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Internet Marketing Coach Reveals - How To Guarantee You Can Make Money Online

A commonly asked question by would-be Internet newbies before they can decide to join eOneNet’s Internet Marketing Coaching program is : What is the success rate?

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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation ?

One of the most common online marketing strategy is Search engine optimization (USA spelling) / Search engine optimisation (British spelling). SEO includes how to get free top rankings in search engines, especially the Top 10 positions in the popular search engines & directories like Google, Yahoo & MSN. This form of internet marketing is also called Search Engine Marketing.

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Auto Insurance Quotes Search Queries Exceeds 9 Million in 2007!

If you are an insurance company who is not employing search engine marketing, you are losing out to your competitors who do!

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Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching Reveals Make Money Online Secrets

eOneNet is hosting another Hong Kong Internet Marketing Coaching program this weekend with FULL HOUSE attendance.

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如果你可在報紙或電視賣廣告, 而不用付費, 你會利用這個機會賺錢嗎? 我想你的答案是肯定的。


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Queen of Internet Marketing
No.1 Internet Marketing Coach - Fione Tan presents Internet marketing seminars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Asia

Fione Tan's Profile

  • 2009Distinguished Brand Award ( Hong Kong)
  • 2008 National Women Entrepreneurs' Award
  • Ranked No.1 Internet Marketing Coach (2003-09)
  • CEO
  • 8-figure online sales per year
  • Clients include Fortune 500
  • Featured by Bloomberg, CNBCAsia, ChannelNewsAsia etc
  • Speaker fee US$4,500 for 45 minutes


No.1 Internet Marketing Seminars Workshops

Ranked No.1 Internet marketing seminars / workshops by Top search engines

If your life depends on one Internet seminar, how do you choose?

"Pick one which creates the most number of Internet making money success stories." Fione Tan, ranked World's No.1 Top Internet marketing coach by search engines

Who else wants to make USD10, 786 in 3 months from scratch, even for an Internet newbie?

"Does it work for an Internet newbie like me? I joined this Internet marketing VCD Megapack coaching course in September. Within 3 months, I made USD10, 786 from US, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, and even Yugoslavia!" F.C.Hor, founder,

You don't need another seminar or ebook. What you need is the World's Top Internet marketing coach who can give you all the support you need to start making money online.

Internet Success Coaching 3-IN-1 DVD Home Study Course Megapack Click Here

How to Choose Internet Marketing Seminar?
There are so many internet marketing workshops, online business seminars, and e-biz training, so how to choose the best one for you? Since it normally costs more than US$1,000 for each Advanced program, then what should you know before you buy another ebook or coaching program? Read More

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