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Mastery Magazine, July 09

Fione Tan is an inspiring lady indeed. When most have been content to stay on despite being unhappy with their careers, this lady took charge of her own destiny and steered her way into the internet world. As the lady behind eOneNet with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, she has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel NewsAsia as well as racking up notable clients such as NEC, FujiXerox, Apple Malaysia, Goodyear. We talk to her about what makes her tick, and the journey that started it all.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Fione is the eldest in the family, with just one younger brother. She graduated with a degree in double majors - Management & Marketing from USA with a partial scholarship. After graduating, She came back to work in Malaysia and my first job was as Marketing Executive in a financial services company. After working for 2 years, she realized she hated her job and needed to find an objective in my life. Therefore, she quit her job and started after attending Money Mastery Mentorship Programme in 2002.

How did you get started in Internet Marketing?

After working, I realized that many people are stuck with unhappy careers and I didn't want to have any regrets. Therefore I knew that I wanted to be my own boss as it will allow me to have much flexibility, but being limited in capital and no knowledge about running a company, I choose a low risk, low cost business. Internet Business is the best choice as I can start anywhere, anytime, even at small cost s . Moreover, I was always passionate about the Internet. By writing a simple 4-page business plan, we managed to find some shareholders to invest US$26,000, of which we used to start an internet marketing company  called in 2000.

Currently, the headquarters is in our self-purchased office in Malaysia with computer lab that can accommodate thirty , plus we also have eOneNet internet marketing offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. The largest computer lab we have is in our Hong Kong Causeway Bay sea-view office with all brand new laptops that can accommodate 40 in the computer lab.

What is a typical day in your life like?

This depends on where I would be on that day. If I am not having any events in the office, I typically will go to the office at about 2pm or so. I will check my emails and run through the tasks required to be completed for that day. I spend about one hour checking on my internet marketing coaching students by reviewing their websites and answering their internet business questions at

The m ajority of the times, i will visit other websites and learn how to use other internet marketing tools, especially Web 2.0 tools such as setting up my twitter account where users can follow my updates. (Mine is at )

We also talk to our team in the three offices using Skype where we send them updates on tasks to be done, and discuss on new projects. Currently, we are working on two new big projects including an Asia n shopping mall plus a social networking site focused on internet business only.

What do you like most about working for yourself?

That I have total flexibility of working from anywhere, anytime! I could be holiday ing in Milan, or London, and just as long as I have access to my email account, work goes on as usual! This is the best perk of running an internet business. A traditional business will not be able to give me such an advantage.

Plus being able to earn US$ and Euros are also one of the good thing about selling online, as we can sell to customers globally, anytime of the day.

What is the most challenging part of running a business?

Initially when starting, it takes a lot of time and energy to make things work, especially since I was a non-technical person. It was quite terrifying to learn the technical jargons and dealing with people who have better knowledge about Internet technology. Eventually I realized that in an Internet Business, it's business skills that mattered the most. After a while, with the flexibility of running your own business, especially on the Internet where you can literally make money even while you sleep.... I end up being a "little lazy".

Therefore even as a business owner, we need to have a certain level of discipline . We need to focus on planning new strategies and coming up with new ideas to further grow sales & income.

Is there anyone in particular that you look up to, or is there someone who has inspired you to greater heights?

For the world-wide-web , I would say Jeff Bezos of Similarly, he was also working in the financial services industry and gave up everything to start Amazon. It is an inspiration for me to see how passionate he was with growing Amazon into this ecommerce giant it is today. Everything is possible!

What is your favourite quote?

Once I see my objectives, the obstacles will give way. As simple as it seems, this gives me more confiden ce to face new challenges and keep me focused on working towards my goals.

What words of advice would you like to impart to readers of the magazine?

There is no better time to start than TODAY! Look for shortcuts to making money online such as follow a successful internet marketing coach, who can guide you step by step how to start an Internet Business from scratch and get you free top rankings in search engines. You should also check out our internet marketing seminars in the city near you, to help you get started on this journey, where we can share with you other successful graduates of our coaching program, who now earn a good income on the Internet, including entrepreneurs who are making millions online.


Fione Tan is a MM graduate who met her partner, Harrace at the Money Mastery Mentorship Program. In many aspects, eOneNet is a creation within the MM community. To get updates about Fione, you can subscribe to her internet marketing blog or follow her updates on

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