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Learn To Sell Online
The Star,Sept 12, 2006

Q: Fione, it¡¯s a pleasure to meet you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into your successful venture?

A: I studied in US for double majors in Marketing and Management. After working in the Insurance industry for over two and a half years, I realised that I was not satisfied with my life at that point. I took a great leap, quit my job at the end of 1999, and starting planning for my dream of starting as an Internet Business entrepreneur. Together with some other partners, we created a business plan, and managed to raise US$26,000 from angel investors to start this company, Now, we have offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Q: People love making money, but many end up with failures and regrets. From your experience, where do you think the common mistake lie?

A: Starting an Internet Business is rather similar to an offline business. First, you need to study the market, and then provide a hot product / service that the market is hungry for. However, in many instances, people tended to work backwards by promoting products that have low demands, therefore fail to reach their desired Internet sales. On the other hand, some people attempted to sell ¡°me-too¡± products with high demand, but they failed to create a compelling an unique selling point (USP) to differentiate from their competitors. Another common mistake is most people invested only on their websites, but allocated no or very low budget for internet marketing. Building a good website is just the first mile of a thousand mile journey. It won¡¯t bring you visitors on its own, no matter how great your website or products are. What brings visitors to your site is consistent effort of internet marketing.

Q: What¡¯s the misperception about Internet marketing?

A: One of the common misperception about Internet Marketing is thinking that it is website design. Just like if you started a shop, you need to do marketing and promotions to attract customers to visit your shop. When you renovate your shop, then you rely on the contractor, which in this case, it¡¯s the web design team. However, after your shop is ready for launch, you would need advertising companies or pr team to help you promote your shop. In this case, it¡¯s the Internet marketing company that you should hire for promoting your website. Therefore, having a website is just the beginning, and then, you need to focus on getting website traffic / visitors through effective online marketing campaigns.

Q: Tell us what does actually?

A: is an internet marketing company, specializing in assisting businesses and entrepreneurs to sell online and make money. Corporate customers would be interested in us managing their online advertising and internet marketing campaigns for creating branding and also act as consultants for their website business. For other entrepreneurs, they would also be interested in our basic internet seminar, or our advance Internet Marketing Coaching program.

Q: There are many Internet marketing coaches out there. How do you differ from most Internet marketing coaches?

A: eOneNet practises what it preaches, being successful in selling products and services online, with consistent orders from customers worldwide. According to a recent brand audit commissioned by eOneNet, eOneNet is the only company in Asia to provide integrated one-stop internet marketing solutions, services as well as training. eOneNet is the first and only company in Malaysia and Asia to provide real face-to-face and online coaching to participants after seminars with the support of a highly qualified team of coaches, web designers and programmers.

Q: Tell us about the successes of some of your clients after gaining skills from you.

A: We¡¯ve had many different success cases, ranging from moms who work from home and earned over US$10,000 in 1 month selling cakes to conventional manufacturers¡¯ who managed to export their products to USA after improving their search engine ranking.

Q: What can clients expect when they hire you as their coach?

A: Results. A non-technical coach that is creative and provides proven results to their Internet goals. I started from scratch several years ago, and along the way, have learned to discover many shortcuts to making money on the Internet, and therefore, able to share my real-life experience. Clients will then be able to avoid many costly mistakes, and apply proper Internet Marketing tactics that will build their business for long term.

Q: Is the potential of the Internet a lot more exponential compared to conventional brick and mortar businesses?

A:Comparing the costs of both businesses, it¡¯s actually more cost effective to start an Internet business. However, not all the products sold on the Internet will be successful. The same rules of market demand and supply are applicable. Moreover, there are still plenty of benefits that the Internet can offer. No matter what your goals are, the Internet should be one of the aspects to your business.

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About, ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, and headquartered in Malaysia and with regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, is the leading Internet marketing company in Asia to offer Internet marketing seminars, training, and solutions to businesses worldwide who wish to expand to Asia.

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The Star article - Learn To Sell Online


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