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Be Your Own Boss

MalaysianToday newspaper 9 Aug 2007

Being an entrepreneur is something you might want to consider if you hope to make the big bucks. More and more young people are entering the business world by opting to start their own companies.

How would you like to be a self-made millionaire at 20? If you¡¯ve passed that age, would you then like to make it before touching 25 or 30? It¡¯s really not impossible you know? Sean Belnick did it. He hasn¡¯t even got a degree yet, but already this much written-about 20-year-old American earned over RM100 million last year.

Interviews about him tell us he¡¯s like any other young adult: He listens to 50 Cent, T.I., ¡°anything¡±, though he says it depends on his ¡°mood¡±. He watches South Park and Family Guy, and attends classes at a Georgian university.

But follow Belnick to his place of work, and his average guy act wears off. The people Belnick works with aren¡¯t his co-workers ¨C they¡¯re his employees. And Belnick doesn¡¯t work for just any company ¨C he happens to own the company, Belnick Inc, a furniture retailing venture. Sean Belnick started his company when he was 14.

Now, before you let those shoulders droop in resignation, you might want to know that the circumstances we live in today, favour us, the young, when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Simply put, you too could have a slice of that gloriously rich pie. Across the globe, different reports are indicating that the rich are getting younger, resulting in Generation Y being labeled the most entrepreneurial. In the US, the trend was made official when a recent study by The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor showed that 18 to 24-year-olds in the US start businesses at a higher rate than 35 to 44-year-olds.

The most cited reason for this amongst analysts is the digital age that we have grown up in. Youths are more comfortable with the technology at hand, and thus more willing to exploit them to the fullest potential. And it¡¯s not just happening in the US. Our youths are just as eager thinking up their endeavours.

Of the more successful ones is Fione Tan. She opened her company at 22 and by 24 had already made her first million. If you google ¡°Internet Coaching¡±, Tan¡¯s name would be right there at the top of the list. Basically, this means she is the most popular or sought after Net coach in the world. After finishing a scholarship-funded degree course in the United States, Tan returned to Malaysia in 1997, and worked for a couple of insurance companies for the next couple of years.

Later, she decided to quit her job and start her own internet company, which offered small businesses the opportunity to have a web presence at an affordable rate. Tan soon gained prominence for being the CEO of her own company at 22, and when asked by a reporter when she expected to make her first million, she said: ¡°Five years.¡± She hit the figure in two, and continues to make even more money on an annual basis., ranked the No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, is headquartered in Malaysia with the regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. It is the only Internet marketing seminars, training, and one-stop ecommerce solutions to business worldwide who wish to expand to Asia, or vice versa.

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