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Making Money Without Leaving Home

The Star , 10 Aug 2010

Make Money Online in 5 Steps

With the worldwide exponential growth of Internet population and eCommerce sales, no matter businesses or individuals are trying to cash on the huge market opportunities, but most often than not, they are disappointed at not getting results.

In this issue, Fione Tan, President and CEO of ten year old leading internet marketing company and multi-millionaire Internet Marketing Coach who sells a variety of B2B, B2C, services and even digital products , shares 4 secrets on how you can start making money online.

According to Tan, the most common problems Internet entrepreneurs encountered include:

1) Don’t know what to sell, or sell products with no demand online

There are so many products being bought and sold online. The question is how to choose the suitable products to sell online. Some products which are in high demand in physical stores may not have demand online. For example, if you have a headache, you would not think of buying Panadol online, as you cannot wait. On the other hand, some medicine are in hot demand online, such as Viagra, as this kind of product is more suitably bought online.

“So step one is to do research on the online market demand, by using research tools provided by popular search engines,” said Tan.

Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan
There is no one way of internet marketing that works for all, says Tan.

2) Don’t know how to build up credibility

The question is not just to get traffic to your website, but how to get your potential customers trust your products and your website enough so that they will give you their credit cards. This is the first obstacle that a new or small website needs to overcome.

“There are a number of things you can do on your website to build credibility, such as posting your physical address (not an email address or a P.O. Box), including a mobile phone number, and posting the awards and certificates your products,” explained Tan.

3) Don’t know how to create a website that works

How old is the mobile phone you are using now? Probably less than 1 or 2 years. Many people are changing to the latest mobile phone frequently. However, most companies are using the same website (save as to some minor updates) which is more than 5 years old. Most companies should revamp their websites to incorporate the latest eCommerce and marketing functions, according to Tan.

“Other than normal eCommerce functions, the top websites have already integrated the popular social media functions, such as blog, facebook, twitter,” said Tan.

It does not have to be expensive to build such as multi-functional website. eOneNet has launched a new 3-in-1 mega website builder, being the Asia’s first website builder integrating all these functions, details at, retailing at less than RM3,000.

4) Don’t know how to get free traffic

Small businesses do not have the budget to advertise online, or pay for the pay-per-click search engines advertisements. The good news is that there are many free ways to draw targeted traffic to websites, including new ways of Internet marketing such as Social media marketing, video marketing, and the all times effective SEO (search engine optimization).

“There is no single way of Internet marketing that works for all. The most effective way is to integrate different ways of Internet marketing, which should be implemented in your website,” said Tan.

For an example of how eOneNet has been embracing social media marketing, fan them at or follow them at . Watch their video at

5) Don’t know how to convert visitors to buyers

Getting traffic is not good enough. What matters is how to convert visitors to real buyers, and how to increase the conversion rate. Being number one in search engine rankings is no good if there is no sales.

According to Tan, one of the ways to increase conversion rate is to differentiate your products from your competitors and spell this out clearly in your website home page, such as money back guarantee, free shipping or even free return shipping.

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