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Beauty all out to promote the Net

Computimes, 29 Sept 2003

CHELSIA Ng is one beauty who gets a kick out of surfing the information superhighway. From conversing with friends on the Internet relay channel to getting news about everything under the sun, this Penang lass just cannot stay away from her personal computer too long.

And her Netizen ways have recently won her the Miss Internet Savvy title at the Miss Malaysia/ World 2003 contest. She emerged as third runner-up in the overall contest.

According to Ng, her first home PC was a disk operating system (DOS)-based computer which she used for playing games and helping her with her homework. Realising her interest, her parents enrolled her in a computer centre.

When cybercafes started to sprout, Ng started to hang out with friends at her favourite outlet after school.

"My parents obviously did not like me spending too much time outdoors, and they bought an Internet-based PC to replace the old one. It's a way to get me to stay indoors most of the time," she chuckles.

Ng has grown out of the Internet chatting activity and now uses the Internet to access serious and practical information.

"I now use the Net to research anything I want to know, such as browsing shopping Web sites on the latest and trendiest fashion," says the 22-year-old girl who is also an aspiring singer and actress.

She also reads up information on pets care to get useful tips on how to take care of her two-year-old Pekinese which she named Gorbiggs Dpochie Ng Ah Kau.

On more serious topics, Ng says issues such as digital divide needs to be addressed effectively within the Malaysian society.

She says the best approach is to equip all schools with computers and Internet access.

"Schools should have enough computers for students so that those who come from marginalised community will get a chance to pick-up basic computer skills," she says.

"Computer studies should also be made a mandatory subject in schools," she adds.

Ng recalls her school days at Convent Pulau Tikus in Penang, when there was only one computer for all the students.

As Miss Internet Savvy, Ng will promote the use of the Internet by individuals and business owners in Malaysia.

Her prize includes a holiday trip to Tioman Island, a Web site with an online payment facilities, and eOneNet's six-month Internet Success Coaching course.

Ng is especially excited about the coaching course as she hopes to use the skills to start yet another passion of hers, which is selling the most unique desserts ever found in the world through the Internet.

Her first target buyers, she says, would be the residents in Penang.

"After living there all of my life, I know that the Penangites will zap up anything that is new," she says. "It will be a good place to kick off an Internet business for me."

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"Beauty all out to promote the Net - Computimes"


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