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Global Conferencing launched its "Conferencing Connections"
Oct 20, 2006

Global Conferencing recently launched its ¡°Conferencing Connections¡± roadshow with the first event being held at Cliftons in Hong Kong. This series of seminars aims to bring clients together in a social networking environment where they can learn more about the advancing world of conferencing.

This successful event aimed to give potential clients an introduction to conferencing and our very own Mr Jamie Dickson, Head of Conferencing, outlined the benefits of conferencing in the areas of quicker decision making, increasing company interaction, leveraging key company expertise and promoting a healthy work / life balance. In addition, different applications for industry sectors were presented to give clients a clear view of how we serve existing clients.

Attendees were then participated in a live video conference, as Ms Fione Tan, President and CEO of eOneNet ¨C from Singapore - presented the interesting topic of internet marketing.

Wharf T&T and Cliftons have been partners for many years, Cliftons uses Wharf T&T for their VC connection needs and Wharf T&T uses Cliftons rooms when clients require VC facilities in Central. The partnership ensures that all the usual pre-conference protocol and equipment testing has been done, giving clients no scheduling or technical headaches. There is an old saying in conferencing ¨C ¡°the client concentrates on his meeting, not its mechanics¡±.

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Mr Jamie Dickson, Head of Conferencing of Wharf T&T, introduced our audio and video conferencing services.

Ms Fione Tan, President and CEO of eOneNet, shared her experience on Internet marketing in Singapore through video conferencing.


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