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Netting clients on-line

Sunday Mail, 17 Aug 2003

Internet marketing coach Fione Tan assists companies and entrepreneurs to increase sales and build brand names on-line?once she convinces them not to prejudge her capabilities by her age.

œProspective clients normally expect a more mature person but by the end of the presentation, they are convinced that the Internet is a viable market,?says the netpreneur of a four-year-old e-business venture with a list of clients ranging from multinationals to SMIs(small and medium-scale industries) and even home-based entrepreneurs.

As an Internet marketing coach, Tan conducts group and individual sessions to guide other business entrepreneurs who intend to enhance their websites sales or viewership.

œWe look at their text, layout, homepage accessibility and recommend relevant marketing strategies to ensure they remain in the top three listings when surfers use on-line search engines for their particular product or services,?says Tan.

œThe Internet is a fascinating industry to be in, with many new and exciting experiences. One can work from anywhere and at anytime by simply going on-line to complete many tasks simultaneously. It also allows me to meet with customers from all over the world without the need of physical travel.?/p>

Tan recalls:?When I first started in this line, it was still the time of the Internet goldrush.?Many people were jumping onto the bandwagon simply because of the venture capital money and trend. Now, Internet users are more mature, with more businesses realising the potential of a strong on-line presence in this new millennium of IT-driven globalisation.?br>

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