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Warning from No.1 Internet Marketing company Asia: Looking for web design? Just go to any web design company or web designer. Web hosting? Go to any web hosting company. Want to be No.1 selling online? Learn from the No.1 Top Internet marketing coach ranked by top search engines - This site offers everything you need to sell online, and make profits, globally, whether you are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Asia, Middle East, U.S., Europe or anywhere else.

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The Star, 10 Apr 07

Q:Why do 90% Internet businesses fail, and how does one avoid repeating the same mistakes that others have made in the past?

The main reasons why most Internet business fail include:

They fail to create a USP (unique selling point) for their products or services, i.e. how their products or services are different from their competitors' websites, which are just one click away. They should be able to answer this question: Why should I buy from your website, instead of from your competitors' websites.

A USP can be in terms of personalization, better quality, cheapest (or most expensive), guarantee, unique design etc. The USP of eOneNet is "Making you No.1 on the Net" . As the top Internet marketing company in Asia with our 7 years of proven track record of selling million dollars of products and services and our hundreds of top rankings in search engines, we can help our customers to be No.1 online in their respective industries.

They fail allocate resources and budget to do Internet marketing or learn to do so. Most of them invested most of their capital in development of their websites and the products, leaving little or no budget for internet marketing. No matter how good the USP of their products have, or how beautiful their websites are, if there is no traffic, there is no sales. They should plan for cost effective Internet marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to their websites and allocate a budget for implementing this. If they do not have any budget for this, their failure rate would be very high. Alternatively, if they wish to lower the costs of planning and executing the Internet marketing strategies, they will need to learn how to do this.

To help small businesses to deal with this, we have introduced Internet marketing coaching program in Malaysia in 2003 to coach them how to do Internet marketing cost effectively.

Q:What is Internet marketing (or e-marketing) and why is it so important?

Internet marketing is using the Internet as one of the marketing channels. From the earlier days of Internet advertising via banner ads, to the current hot search engines marketing, blog marketing, social networking marketing and viral marketing, Internet marketing has become a highly effective channel which can be used to reach out to your target market with low costs and high returns.

There are many aspects related to Internet Marketing and readers can get more free internet marketing tips at our blog at

Q:What is the seminar all about? What is it called?

Our basic seminars are:

1. How to sell online and make real money
This seminar provides the 10-step system to start an Internet business, including finding and researching for hot products to sell online, developing a website in one day, drawing traffic to websites, and getting online payment.

2. How to make money with blogs
This seminar explains blog marketing and how to use a blog to market products or services, increase traffic to websites, and get top rankings in search engines

More details of the seminars schedule can be found at

Our advanced seminar is our popular Internet Success Coaching program which we introduced in Malaysia in 2003, and now available in Singapore and Hong Kong as well. In this program, we train and coach participants to start their Internet business and for those who already have website, to plan and implement Internet marketing strategies with the objectives of increasing online sales.

Our coaching program information can be found at

Can a normal, not-very-Internet-savvy person really make money on the Internet? A normal person person with the basic skills of Internet surfing and searching, sending and receiving emails, and using the computers to type are able to make money on the Internet, provided that he or she can meet the following criteria:

- Passionate about making money on the Internet.
- Invest time in learning Internet marketing
- Be focused and committed to doing the Internet business and starting off with at least 10 hours of work per week

We've coached many newbies to make money online and even have coaching participants who turned into full time internet entrepreneurs within weeks of starting the program with us.

Q:How does one "secure" his website within the top 10 ranking using "hot keywords" in leading search engines?

This will involve various factors and implementing a lot of search engines optimisation strategies. Basically, you will need to place suitable keywords in strategic positions of your website and getting incoming links from other quality websites to your website.

We are proud to have achieved hundreds of No.1 rankings in top search engines worldwide, including nternet marketing coach in Google. In our coaching program, we will guide the participants how to get top rankings without paying the search engines. It's very crucial to understand how to postion your websites using the correct keywords, and lots of our big clients also located online via search engines, and just 1 sale brings in US$12,000.

Q:How is the Internet Success Coaching program structured? (Is it on a full-time basis and for how long? What about busy working professionals?)

The coaching will start with an intensive 2-day training on one weekend in our computer lab with one person one computer and Internet access, revealing the complete system of Internet business, This will be followed by 3 month online coaching including weekly coaching emails and monthly online meetings. The USP of our coaching is that we offer coaching to the participants to guide them how to apply and implement what they learned in the seminar with our exclusive online support tools, including online members area uploaded with course materials, online system to enable participants to ask questions and the coaches to answer, and online meeting room for conducting online lectures.

We also offer a home study course with our Internet Success Coaching DVD. This is a video recording of the 2-day training with professional editing, and is suitable for those who are Internet savvy and cannot attend the class physically. The same online coaching is also offered for the home study course. More details can be found at

Our internet marketing program participants come from all walks of life, such as home makers, working professionals wishing to earn more income, entrepreneurs, senior corporate personalities wishing to start their own busines or business owners wishing to expand their sales on the Internet.

Since our Internet Success Coaching program comes with our exclusive online tools and unlimited online support, anyone can just learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their homes.

eOneNet - Making Money Online - Star

"Making Money Online - The Star "

Q:How much does the seminar (or Internet Success Coaching program) cost?

The basic seminar costs RM98 with special rate of RM68 for online payment. The investment of the advanced Internet Success Coaching program is about RM9,000, inclusive of a DIY website and website, our coaching and support for 3 months. The price range of the Internet Success Coaching DVD is RM3,000 to RM4,500.

Q:Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into Internet marketing and e-business?

I was educated in USA with double majors in Management and Marketing. After over 2 years of working experience in financial services industry, i was determined to pursue my dreams of starting an Internet Business, and therefore quit my job to learn this new trade from scratch. That was how was born and apart from Malaysia, we now have internet marketing offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. More of my internet marketing experience and background can also be viewed on my site

Q:What would you wish to tell those "IT-challenged" entrepreneurs, who still yearn to start their own successful Internet business?

I didn't have any IT knowledge when I first started my Internet company. I only knew how to send and receive emails and surf the Internet at that time. However, I believe I can learn how to start a successful Internet business and "just do it". Internet Business is still business, so it's just another "new" marketplace for you get sales. Do not let IT scare you, as there are many ways technology can help you to automate your business processes.

Q:What is the ¡°secret¡± to a (or a string of) successful online business(es)?

The secrets of online business include passion for the Internet, willingness to learn and implement effective Internet marketing strategies constantly, focus and persistence. Of course, getting advice from the correct role models who have created real online businesses, will ensure that you are equipped with the shortcuts to success.

About, ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, and headquartered in Malaysia and with regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, is the only Internet marketing company in Asia to offer Internet marketing seminars, training, and one-stop eCommerce solutions to businesses worldwide who wish to expand to Asia, or vice versa. eOneNet offers Asia¡¯s top Internet marketing coaching program online with its popular Internet marketing video course and face-to-face program in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. For details, visit and

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