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Making Money Online Web2.0 Way

The Star , 13 April 2010

Lots of people are having websites but most website owners are still wondering how to really PROFIT from this website business? Fione Tan, ranked No.1 Internet Marketing Coach, who is also CEO of has been coaching thousands of website owners on how to make money online, shares common questions regarding online business and why you should use social media marketing.

Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan
Virtual Goldmine : The internet has created many new successful
million-dollar online business ideas

I only have a retail store? Why do I need Internet Marketing?

As with any retail stores, you need to pay rental each month and this can be a big expenditure. Therefore, you need to find low cost ways to market your products and services not just offline, but also online. Here are some of your benefits:-

  • Sell your products / services online 24 hours a day
  • this way you can make money even after your store closing hours
  • Get NEW customers to come to your store
  • New leads and sales prospects can locate your store information online and also

products introduction on the Internet, then visit your retail store to buy this product

  • Expand more products / New business
  • While managing your current store, you can still start a brand new business idea

online and this can be managed with just a laptop and internet connection

  • Test NEW products online with very low cost
  • Before you roll out a new promotion or new product, you can test its response
online before introducing this offer at your store. Internet can offer you very low cost market testing.

Most companies in our business is not doing any Internet Marketing, why should I?

No matter what industries, you are sure to be able to benefit from Internet Marketing. If no one else is doing this effectively, you should be the FIRST to actually launch it. Customers always remember the FIRST, which is the leader so won’t that be a good point for your Company?

Why do Most Websites Fail to Make Money Online?

First of all, your website should be a project that compasses your company marketing team, business development / customer service and IT team. Before starting a website, you should list out its measurement of success. Just like launching any new product / business idea, you should do the following:-

  • Market research – see what the market wants. Find the demand for the product idea that you want to sell, before you decide on designing a website or what products to sell online.
  • Develop the website – develop the website with a .com name and the website should be multi-lingual with ability to accept orders online as well as receive payment via credit card (if doing retail) for business to consumer (B2C) business models. For easier maintenance, consider a database driven DIY site builder such as the
  • The website should be monitored for its performance especially in its Conversion rate (how many visitors actually become real customers)?
  • Get Top 10 Rankings in Search engines – search engines is the No.1 way for customers to locate products and services on the Internet. When they type in the keywords related to your products and services, is your website listed in the search engines? You should aim to list in the organic search results (left column) as those websites are normally considered by customers to be more credible compared to the pay per click advertisements (right column called sponsored links). SEO (search engine optimisation) is a key internet marketing strategy that can drive traffic / visitors to your website and increase your online sales.
  • Search Engine Optimisation can be learnt even by beginners of Internet Business without any technical experience, such as the course at
  • Online Marketing – Apart from SEO, there are other internet marketing tactics such as blog marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. A new tactic called Facebook Marketing is also on the rise, due to the popularity of Facebook.

internet marketing SEO

Training Yourself on Internet Marketing Strategies

As a matter of fact, most businesses are already using internet to complement their current marketing strategies and the Internet has created many new successful million-dollar Internet Business ideas.

“As an entrepreneur, it is vital that you learn the Internet Marketing Tactics as this is a crucial value that can make or break a website. Moreover, it allows me to sell my products globally, anywhere, anytime. There is no other low-cost business to start!”, said Fione Tan, CEO of will be having the Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Seminar at its brand-new self-purchased Grade A office at Menara UOA Bangsar Kuala Lumpur – Unit A- 36-11, Tower A with the following sessions - English session is on May 15 (Sat) and Chinese session is on May 16 (Sun) from 10am to 5pm. Readers of this article can use the promo code Star98 for their online credit card payment, to get the special price of only RM98 for this seminar which is valued at RM598.

To register, visit or call +603-2284 6418 / +6012-232 8878.

For details on seminar dates, visit or subscribe to free internet marketing news at Alternatively, follow eOneNet news at .


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