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Marie Claire Malaysia's Super Women

Marie Claire, May, 2004


Meet Malaysia's successful women who started from ground zero in their respective fields and have now emerged with their victory flag flying high as inspiration to other women. By Dina Zaman

My passion is the internet. Being able to make money from ideas you love is definitely fulfilling. When the company first started, i faced lots of obstacles, ranging from not being 'technical' enough when I was involved in technology discussion to situations whereby I was questioned in terms of my reliability based on my age and gender.

"As I discovered the power of Internet, I wanted to share the joy and its benefits with other people. I started doing more presentations to educate the public and interested prospects on how to build successful business online. Now, I'm delighted to be able to coach many internet entrepreneurs and the various Web site owners that are selling well on the Internet. I am also truly grateful to be acknowledged for my achievements. For instance, being able to speak at international level conferences and having the opportunity to become a contributing author for a recently published book by the World Economic Forum.

"I do not want to grow old living life as it is and be filled with regrets for not attempting the ideas i had in my mind. In whatever situation, there will be ups and downs. The key here is to stand up higher and faster after each pitfall to ensure you've learnt something. Positive thinking and applying good motivational tools always help in times of doubt. When you look back, you'd find that those problems were not really important after all."


The first thing that comes to mind when you meet Fione is she's young and tiny. But this woman has gone to place you may never go (like Pakistan), and is more accomplished than the average Janes put together. Malaysia's future depends on professionals like her.


Marie Claire-Women of Malaysia

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