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The Ultimate Guide To The Internet

eFiles, The Web, September, 2000

Over the past few months, B2B (business-to- business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) were starting to create new prospects for our local online community. The Web had the opportunity to talk to Fione Tan, the 22-year-old CEO, President and Founder of Sdn Bhd, an up and coming B2B and B2C solutions provider.

What were the reactions of your family members when they learned that you are going to lend your very own dot-com?
Both my parents were very supportive. Since I was young they were always optimistic about the decisions that I made. My brother contributes to when he is on his semester breaks. My mother who is also just as excited as I am about the company is currently in charge of the finance and administration duties of

Personally, what are the challenges that you encounter taking into consideration that you are a twenty-two year old CEO specialising in the area of B2B and B2C, which involves interaction with corporate figures?
In the beginning, most of my clients were sceptical of me being in charge of a dot- com. but in the end I got along well with them. Anyway, not all of them are shocked. As a young person running a dot-com has become socially acceptable. In addition to that. My last job in an insurance agency helped as I was dealing with all types of people at that time.

What are the factors that prompted you to start up a dot-com providing B2B and B2C solutions?
I had always harboured an interest in starling my very own dot-com venture. This interest of mine somehow managed to attract friends who also shared in my dream. After a lot of research and brainstorming sessions, we managed to come out with a viable area to specialise in, which was B2B and B2C. The real opportunity only came when there were a few friends and independent investors who provided us with funding as they saw a potential in our business plan and strategies.

Initially, how did you fell about having to start your own dot-com, especially one that is click and mortar?
It was quite exciting for me when we first established Starting up the dot-com was quite tiring as there were a lot of preparations involved, but in the end I managed due to my passion for The odd part was that we actually set up the office first before going on to developing the site. Strange as it may seem. I believe that having a click and mortar establishment rather than only a virtual one will create a more secure business. In today's world there is a need to have a balance of modern and traditional values. Basically having the best of both worlds.

Is managing a dot-com business any different from a conventional one, bearing An mind that there's a unique exposure to a newer act of skills and concerns?
Yes, it is. Conservative clients always question us on allocating a budget for a website, so here we need patience to slowly educate and persuade them on the advantages of using new technologies. Other than that, we also need to research constantly and innovate as we're in a business where technology change" quickly And when conducting seminars for clients, I have to explain in detail on the website solutions and in this we needs patience as some of them have no prior knowledge of web technologies.

"The Ultimate Guide To The Internet - eFiles, The Web"

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