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More Businesses will go online worldwide by 2004

Business Times, September 13, 2000

Most Malaysian businesses don't have a Web presence and have no immediate plans to have one.

RESEARCH firms and analysts predict that by 2004, more than 56 per cent of businesses worldwide will be online. And this means that in the not so distant future, most businesses will be transacted through the World Wide Web with only a click of a mouse.

These businesses will have tremendous global reach and considerable cost savings to their operations. They will be able to outperform their competitors that do not have a Web presence.

Even though the e-business value proposition is so lucrative, most Malaysian businesses don't have a Web presence, and have no immediate plans to have one. The ones that do are struggling to make profits from their Web they simply lack the direction or know how to achieve profits from the Web.

"Even some of the most biggest players on the Internet cannot foresee the date of achieving profitability." said Ms Fione Tan, the president and chief executive officer of, one of the country's fastest growing Internet companies in Malaysia.

"This is where we come in. We know what it takes to make e- profits and are ready to help others achieve this. We can help businesses tap the new Internet economy with our innovative strategies and services, but the business must first have a Web presence," she added.

So how can help small businesses have a Web presence with minimal investments. The company does it through its Web Creator 2000 - an interactive and user- friendly tool that is de- signed for non-IT savvy business- men to enable them to build and design their business Websites.

Through Web Creator, offers two basic services - e- Business Pro which costs RM1,280 per year and e-Business Gold which costs RMI,880 per year.

The former gives customers a choice of six Web themes to choose from while the latter offers 12 themes. There are additional ser- vices which cost extra but Tan said the basic package is extremely affordable by any standards.

The Web pages are basic with no transactional or e-commerce capabilities, but figures its a great way for small businesses to get their feet wet in the vast and constantly expanding dotcom scenario.

"We are already working on having a full-scale transition-based service soon, but for now, the emphasis will be on getting local businesses on the Net. Once this is done, the task of getting them to adopt an interactive site would be much easier," Tan said.

Elaborating on the ease of use of Web Creator 2000, Tan said the tool is so user-friendly that if the business has an idea, it can get that idea up online within the same day or night.

"This kind of instant results can never be achieved through the conventional method of hiring a programmer or a Web consultancy firm. Programmers cost a lot and require some time to make changes to the Website," Tan explained.

"The cost issue is further amplified when the business intends to upgrade their site three months down the line. A business cannot afford to have last year's Christmas promotion during the current Moon Cake festival," she added.

In reply to a question of how easy is it to develop a Website, Tan said with over 100,000 templates and designs, Web Creator 2000 helps unleash the creativeness of an ordinary person and transform him or her from an IT-illiterate person to a professional web designer   and programmer instantly.

It also allows the business to update and amend its site immediately and as and when it is desired, the business saves time and substantial costs of updating or maintaining the site which it would otherwise have to pay for.

Since it is absolutely crucial to have one's own domain name, offers free services in securing a business' name. The free services include domain registration, domain parking, domain forwarding and e-mail forwarding. All the business needs to pay is US$69 (US$1 = RM3.80) for two years registration.

The company also provides business owners with free advertising through its online Premier Global Business Directory. The listings can be created online just by clicks of the mouse and the business will appear in the category and country of choice. The business   can even update and make changes to the business details by logging in with their ID and password, anytime, anywhere.

"Our goal is to make this as simple as possible. We also strive to ensure that the customers' e-business investments are reasonably low. Once this is done, we go on to teach them other marketing tips online as well as offline," Tan said.

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"More Businesses will go online Worldwide by 2004 - Business Times"


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