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Fione Tan, 23 President and CEO

ATG, March 26, 2001

At 23, most of us were still in University. Not Fione Tan, who owns and runs (in Mandarin, "eone" means million!), which specialises in Web Design Concept and Internet Marketing, with offices here and in Singapore.

Full Name: Fione Tan

Lives in: Kuala Lumpur

Originated from: Kuala Lumpur

Most memorable childhood memory:
Getting my first puppy after finishing UPSR. He was so adorable.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

Most inspiring role model and why (can he from any industry, whether showbiz or otherwise):
Coco Lee, because she's an Asian woman that has gained international recognition and achievements.

Listens to:
R&B, pop, instrumental. Actually lots of different types of music, depending on my mood.

Most memorable movie:
I know what you did last summer, which I watched in the United States, during the midnight show. The movie kept the whole crowd in suspense.

Most inspiring book:
The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Roberts.

Reading anything now?
Getting All You Can, Out of Everything You Got by Jay Abraham.

Philosophy in life:
I see the objectives, so all the obstacles must give way!"

Ultimate ambition:
To turn eOneNet into the 'Nike" of e-Business in Asia.

Can often be found in:
KLCC and MidValley.

Trendy casual clothes e.g. tube top with pants.

Pet peeve(s):
Beef, rude chaotic drivers, and waiting in a long queue.

Vices you can't shake off:
Sleeping late, and overindulgence in food.

This year's resolution:
To build a stronger brand for eOneNet and to expand to more countries.

Guilty indulgence (food):
Spicy and fried food.

Things you'd like to change about yourself or the world around you, in five years:
I'd like to look forward to getting more businesses online, especially women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What was your inspiration in starting your current career?
My passion for the lnternet and having great partners who provide motivation plus support.

Words of wisdom to your peers?
Never, over give up an your goals.

Your proudest moment recently
Being a Winner in Marie Claire's Salute the Women of Tomorrow (2000).

Do you think kids spend too much time online?
Kids should spend time online, but not in excess until it disrupts their interaction with others.

Do you think that smoking is bad?
Well, I would not recommend it, as it affects not only the smokers health, but also those around them!.

Do you think that women have equal opportunities today?
If you depend on others to give you a chance, then NO. However, women can always create opportunities if they're proactive and willing to take risks.

If you were given the chance to go back in time, which era would you like to be in and why?
Actually, I'd turn the offer down because I'm enjoying the present lifestyle with current technological advancements.

If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you would you do with it?
I'd take a one-month vacation to relax in Europe and do lot's of shopping.

Would you sing if the occasion asks for it?
Sure, I'd even drag my friends to do the same.

How would you like history to remember you?
As the role model for women entrepreneurs.

What is your opinion of Asian men?
Asian men should be more outspoken, and learn to acknowledge capable, outstanding women.

If you had had more than one boyfriend, which was your favourite and why?
I'd have to nominate my current beau, because he's been able to be really supportive of my venture, pampers me like a princess, accepts my ever-changing mood swings, and comes out with amazing ideas for the business.

How would you encourage more women to go online?
Through organising events and educational seminars. For our upcoming e- Business Campaign 2001 (31 July - 1 August 2001), we'll be running a segment for women, to discuss more about the internet and their opportunities in e- Business.

What do you think is making roost women 'tachnophobic"?
In the United States, there are more women surfers, compared to men. In Asia, the women are less lnternet savvy because they lack the desire to learn "new" skills.

What do you think about human cloning?
It's a big achievement, but I'd rather not give it a try.

What do you think about Microsoft?
They've managed to create a gigantic empire across many countries in the world. However, they must be having a rough time now, trying to balance their various international operations.

What do you think went wrong for the "dotgones"?
We've actually come up with a research on the "Ten Deadly Dotcom Sins" that have caused many dotcom ventures to perish. Lots of them have committed to mistakes such as high burn rates, overspending in A&P, over reliance on online Ads as a source of income.

Do you like ATG?
Sure. It provides tech updates and lots of info about lifestyle, all laid out nicely with great designs.

Do you think YOU are against the grain, and if yes, how?
Well, I think that I am kinda "against the grain", in a way that I'm one of the few women that chose to be involved in a dotcom at a young age. I've managed to hold discussions and close deals with experienced businessmen and corporate personnel, but still able to socialise and enjoy life to the fullest, Just like a typical 20s girl!

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