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Your Search is Over

The Star, Apr 8 2008

$uccess is just a click away at

Fione Tan is the President and CEO of, the No.1 internet marketing company in Asia, as ranked in search engines.

Since starting in KL in 2000, has grown into a multi-million dollar internet marketing company with clients ranging from Apple Malaysia and Marriott HK. operates three offices in Asia - Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Tan is a regular internet marketing expert with experience in training over 20,000 people worldwide. is also the leading internet marketing brand in Asia, and has won various awards including the ZDNet Asia's Top 50 IT companies 2006

Q: How can a newbie start an Internet business with little money?
Fione: This was exactly how I started off in 2000. I was miserable in my job and desperately wanted a switch in career. With my passion for the Internet, I quit my job and decided to start However, I had no money to start the business. Therefore I wrote a simple four page A4 size business plan and started participating in networking events like business association events or other entrepreneur talks. From there I met my shareholders who gave us USD$26,000 to start the company.
It just takes an idea and the main effort is to take action and apply step-by-step methods to achieve your goals.

Your Search is Over - The Star  - Fione Tan

"Your Search is Over - Fione Tan"

Q: Why did you choose an online business rather than a tradisional brick and mortar business?
Fione: Well, the Internet is probably one of the few industries that have been double digits growth in many parts of the world and this is a trend that will last! Asia has the largest Internet population and the spending power for e-commerce will increase year by year. It is very important to start your business in an industry that is going upwards, therefore check out the market predictions and analyst results before you attempt to jump into a industry. Moreover, this is a low risk business so we don't need a real store, renovation or stock keeping. It can be operated as a home business. I won't want to fork out RM100,000 just to renovate a store, then wait nine months or more to break even.

Q: For those who have very little start up capital, what kind of challenges will they face?
Fione: Since you know you want a low cost operation, then you need to commit yourself to be hands-on and try many new things yourself. There's no way that you can hire a consultant to do everything and expect sales to flow right in without you spending time to go through some process together. For instance, when we started off, we had gained US$26,000 in shareholder funding but made a wrong move by spending US$22,000 to design the website. We ended up just having US$4,000 capital, which was to be used for operating the office, buying PCs and more. That definitely was not enough so we got hands-on and started learning from scractch. Within three months, we were be able to sell over US$22,000 worth of items online and were able to recoup all our investment in a short period.

Q: How can a website find customers in the competitive online market?
Fione: Rather than trying to sell everything online, start with a niche (target market). As you have limited capital and resources, then focus on the sills that can set you apart from the other current competitors. For example, eOneNet is focused on Internet Marketing Asia as the market here itself with China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, already commanding such a huge demand. Therefore, many European corporations who wanted to promote their products or brand build to Asian consumers, found out about eOneNet via searches in top search engines, and hired us to help them achieve their online marketing goals. Some of our clients include UK universities who wanted to promote their courses in Malaysia and s top Spain shoe brand who wanted their online store in HK and Japan. By delivering proven results and performance, you can be assured that customers will happily refer you to others as well as remain as your customer.

Q: Any tips on how to manege an internet business with limited capital?
Fione: You should first start by finding the correct business to be involved with. Do not enter an industry that is over competitive or where there is low demand. Then, plan your spending with the capital and it might be a good idea to invest the money into skills that you can use and reuse. For instance, you can get started with your website with a SEO Site Builder developed by ĘC a do-it yourself click and create site builder which is search engine friendly, costing only US$448 per year. Then you can edit and amend your website by yourself. Next is to learn how to market your business, both online and offline. Online is where you can target a global audience while offline methods are more towards your local market. For example, how can you get No.1 Ranking in search engines for your industry keywords or your products search terms?
According to research, that is the most effective method that customers engage in before they buy online. Therefore, you can allocate some time and money to learn the online marketing skills by attending internet seminars or visiting online blogs such as the internet marketing blog at that provides free videos and tips on how to sell online.

Q: Please give your advice to those who intend to start an Internet Business fast and successfully.
Fione: Identify success cases and good role models so that you can follow their steps towards a short cut to success.
Check the background of the coach, e.g. Like how many years they have been in business, what do they sell and what support does the company give.
At the end of the day, a lot of people have dreams but no self-confidence to work towards their goals. Therefore, let's stop dreaming and start doing. By taking action, you are one step closer to your success.
Check the internet seminars dates at or subcribe to the free internet marketing news at

About, ranked Asia's top Internet marketing company with offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia by Google, specializes in helping SMIs to expand their business globally and get top rankings in international and China search engines, and offers services including guaranteed top rankings in international and China search engines, email marketing in the legal way, and Internet marketing training and coaching. Clients include both multinational companies and SMIs in the region. For more details, visit

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