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How to choose Internet Marketing Seminars

Have you started your Internet business? Or is your existing website achieving the sales performance you have aimed for? We will be bringing you some ideas on how you can start to make real money from your online business.

Learn the Internet Marketing Skills Yourself
Benefits : You will be able to get the knowledge on how to start your internet business, choose the right products, apply effective online marketing strategies, launch web site marketing promotions, and manage the entire process from anywhere, anytime. When you decide to launch other new websites, you will already possess the knowledge and can apply these skills accordingly.

- internet marketing knowledge gained can be used to apply on other
  types of products / services / digital info websites
- increases your value either for your own business, or your employers
  as you have the ability to assist in website projects
- save time as you can evaluate your website marketing tips and
  execute your ideas fast
- save costs as you will not need to hire any other internet marketing
  consultants, or pay for additional website campaign consultancy

However, this is only suitable for you if:-
- you are willing to explore new ideas and learn new online marketing strategies
- you have the time to execute the strategies yourself
- you have the commitment and determination to

Of course, this way of learning can also be in 2 different formats:-
1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
- this is whereby you take your own time, and learn this whole business from scratch. It's still possible. Yes,
  remember when we started, we didn't have any guidance from any internet seminar or
  ebooks, and basically, we had to just learn from our mistakes and adjust our strategies for the future.
- it might take you 1 year, 2 years or even 30 years to actually launch your first website, as there's no
  deadline. Thus, set your goals and make yourself commit to this objective.

2. Attend Seminars / Coaching
- it's easier when other "Gurus" or Specialists can just guide you on the tips and tricks on how you can
  succeed online. This can be in the form of various seminars or coaching workshops that you can attend
- however, not all internet workshops are the same. You should choose the workshop that can give you the
  RESULTS that you want.

However, there are many instances that this scenario will happen especially when there are so many speakers that each will just be speaking for 1 hour each. When you decide on your final internet coaching workshop, be sure that this will be the ONLY coaching program you need to sign up with no more extra back end sales. Check out more tips on choosing your Seminars and Coaching here. Home Page

Basic Internet Marketing Seminars - 3 Hours

Malaysia Internet Seminars

Hong Kong Chinese Internet Seminars

Hong Kong Internet Seminars

China Internet Seminars

2 days Hands-on Coaching

Internet Marketing Video Home Study Course

We have compiled a checklist on how you can choose your Seminars / Coaching.

eOneNet Internet Success Coaching eOneNet Internet Success Coaching
- Sit & Listen
- The 1st in Asia Hands-on with PC & Broadband
- Coach / Speaker experience with eBooks only - Coach / Speaker experience with physical, services,
  digital info & manufacturer / b to b
  B2B and B2C
- Support from Home / Email Only / Overseas - Support from Full Fledge Offices, Computer Lab, Web
- Large class in auditorium / event hall - Small class limited to 25, for personal attention
- Pay for seminar only, buy food individually - Inclusive 2 tea breaks & 1 lunch per day
- Fees for seminar entry only. Bye bye after seminar - Fees with 2 months coaching, intensive follow up &
  local support
- No internal services / solutions. Use 3rd party - One Stop Solution C design, hosting, epayt
- 3 days  with x no. of speakers each 45 mins. (Each
  selling their own e-Book, video or other course)
- 10 hours a day, intensive 3 days course with real live
- Limited Support - Multilingual Support with 3 global offices
SIGN UP for eOneNet's 2 months coaching here

- remember the 2 months internet success coaching program we were organising in Malaysia and Hong Kong? We can now offer 12 months interest-free installments for selected credit cards, so you can call e1Net Team (6012-232 8878), China (86-755 2396 0468) or Hong Kong (852-6309 3618) for more details. You can choose to attend Malaysia, Hong Kong or China internet marketing coaching class. Go to

Let us end by sharing with you story:-
In our recent KL internet seminar, we had a discussion with girl who was interested in our Internet Success Coaching program. However, she had just recently attended another Search Engine Marketing workshop for about RM4,000 and thinking it was a good deal, she signed up and then was told this does not include ecommerce business so had to top up another workshop In just 3 months, she ended up buying close to 8 courses for that speaker costing her RM45,000 in debt and when I asked so what is she selling online now, she replied me, till now I don't know what to sell, how to sell still. In eOneNet Coaching, by Saturday morning, you already need to list out what hot-selling items to sell (after learning how to do research) and then in the afternoon, already start putting the items from suppliers to your website.

Summary is, they have not even started anything even after going through the seminar (which was attended by over 100 participants, so no chance for them to even ask questions) and listening intensely for the 2 days. Even with the extra upgrades and extra reports purchased, it was difficult for them to apply as the Speakers have returned to their own countries, (after seminar, bye bye till next year), and they were not sure whether these speakers will even be back to Singapore.

Do check out the FREE Checklist we've compiled for you above, so that you can make better informed decisions, and feel free to forward this webpage url to your friends who can also enjoy this FREE Report.

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