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SEO Site Builder Search engines optimized web site builder. As the best online business web site builder developed by the top SEO company,, this software integrates an easy and instant web site builder tool with search engine optimization (SEO) tool by which you can build your own web site by yourself. No programming or technical skills required. You just need to know how to type and surf the Internet. No waiting time. Update your site anytime and anywhere without relying on web designer or web programmer

e1Web : Affordable Web Design

Why Mega Website Builder?
eOneNet’s online Mega Website Builder is different from other website builders
This online website builder is developed by the No.1 Internet marketing company Asia and the World's No.1 Internet Marketing Coach ranked by Top search engines, so is designed with SEO, search engines optimization.

A built-in meta tag generator allows you to insert keywords to boost your rankings in Google and other search engines and the meta tags for your site will be generated automatically. This will create a stampede of targeted traffic to your site (and free) through search engine

Make your own website in a matter of days, or even hours - this site builder is non-technical. If you can type and send emails, you are able to make your own website without hiring a web designer or a website design company

This site builder is website promotion and website marketing oriented - with a mailing list sign-up box generator and even database to manage the mailing list

It's proven to work - with many Site Builder customers getting top rankings in search engines resulting in sales

Best small business web design or small business website design - low costs, high ROI (return of investments)

To take a FREE Mega Website Builder tutorial, Click here

DIY Site Builder Software - Do-It-Yourself website builder

- Unlimited categories, subcategories and products

- Includes website hosting for 1 year (inclusive of website builder software usage for amending the website online)

- 500mb hosting space

- Multi-lingual capabilities to have your own website in 8 different languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian and more

- Multi-currency ecommerce shopping cart, to auto convert your prices into various prices including US Dollars, British pounds, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, RenMinBi, Malaysia Ringgit and more

US$788 / RM2,488 for first year

Site Builder Hands-On Workshop

- Includes the DIY site builder software, web hosting for one year

- Choose 1 hands-on class of 3 hours at internet marketing Malaysia office

US$1,058 / RM3,376 for first year

Silver Website Builder Package

- Includes the DIY site builder software, web hosting for one year

- will insert to your site builder (based on contents that you provide to eOneNet in word document) up to:-
a. 20 products / services, or
b. 20 webpages in 1 language, or
c. 10 webpages in 2 languages (equivalent to 20 webpages)

- Insert contents to your English home page based in the site builder template with 1 custom design banner

- Includes watermark of up to 80 photos (4 photos per product) and uploading of these photos to your online image gallery

- Setting up your TT payment and PayPal ecommerce shopping cart

- Includes insertion of metatags for each webpage and image tags for up to 80 images (based on contents that you provide to eOneNet in word document)

- Add in One Site Builder class at additional US$250 / RM800 per person

US$768 (RM2,988) for first year

Top Search Engines Ranking Mega Website Builder Sites Examples

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We have available sessions of internet marketing seminars in English and Chinese.

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